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The State-of-the-Website Report

Audiophile Review is three years old and after making it through the terrible twos intact, some new things are in the works for the near future…

AR-website2.jpgI joined Audiophile Review as editor and chief bottle-washer on December 9, 2010, and have been populating it with articles ever since. Running a website, I quickly learned, is very different from a print publication. The short deadlines and specific format took me a while to get used to. But the ability to post on current audiophile events without the print lag-time and to edit and correct stories after they are published (if needed) more than makes up for the medium’s limitations.

We are looking at some changes coming to Audiophile Review. The first modifications are “under the hood” on the website’s back end. These updates and alterations will make it easier for us to add videos and links to articles, increase graphics flexibility, and give the site a more consistent look.

AR-website1.jpgOther changes include adding another writer, Paul Wilson. Paul is not directly associated with the audio industry, and this will be his first gig writing about audio. I think he brings a fresh and level headed viewpoint to the website’s already a open-minded outlook on audio. His posts will appear on Saturdays.

Roger Skoff will continue to give Thursdays a lift with his ruminations on the nature of our hobby and industry. Mark Smotroff’s bi-weekly “software” reviews covering CDs, LPs, Blu-Rays, and downloads will keep on bringing important and artistically elegant new and old music to your attention.  As in the past, we will occasionally interview leaders and innovators in the industry as well as give audiophiles a window into the world of mastering and music production. Occasionally writers from our “sister” website, Home Theater Review, will add their thoughts about audio as well.

Finally, I will be writing my bi-weekly columns. When I run out of things to talk about, I’ll let you know…

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