January 2013 Archives

For Thursday Steven Stone has a quick quiz for you, if it takes more than ten seconds, he'll be suprised... Read more
Are you tired of audio components in rectangular boxes? Steven Stone looks at some alternatives that ain't square... Read more

Missed Opportunities

Mark Smotroff looks at recent releases by Van Morrison, Frank Gambale, and Daryl Hall Read more

Your Ad Should Be Here...

Steven Stone looks at high end audio's advertising and finds it nonexistent. Read more

New Releases for 1-25-13

This weeks crop of new music comes from Kris Kristofferson, Carrie Rodriquez, Larry Hoffman, The Blue Cactus Choir, and Tim Mahoney. And, yes, it's all good... Read more

The CES Flu

This years CES was, for Steven Stone, sick. And not in a good way... Read more

Zappa at Carnegie Hall 1971

Mark Smotroff jumps into his Wayback machine, which we call a stereo, to visit Frank Zappa in what may be his finest live hours... Read more
Charles Andrews looks at George Martin's recent albums and finds a mixed bag... Read more
Andrew Robinson is back with another adventure. This time Andrew's quest for audio led him out of his home and into one of Los Angeles's Gangland neighborhoods. Was it worth it? Read more
Jerry Del Colliano was recently at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, checking out the rooms and booths to see what the manufacturers had to offer up as their latest and greatest. Here's what he found. Read more

Be An Audio Evangelist!

Steven Stone puts forth a modest proposal that just might help enthusiast audio survive... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at a new vinyl of Phillip Glass' music that has a lot to offer... Read more
Over the last year Steven Stone heard lots of second and third-hand tales about crashed deals on Audiogon. But here's a first-hand story... Read more
The first week of January didn't have much in the way of new releases, so here's three more from 2004 you should know about... Read more
Roger Skoff has an answer that you may not like... Read more
Why do some headphone designs fit better than others? Audio-Technica's offerings are a case in point... Read more

A Spoonful of Sweet Nektar

Mark Smotroff takes a look at Nektar's latest release and finds it full of musical flavor. Read more
Sometimes even the best intensions fall short. Steven Stone looks at three great products that he never wrote about... Read more

Three Great Albums from 2004

Here are three more "must-have" albums from 2004 from The Gibson Brothers, Catie Curtis, and Leftover Salmon Read more

What really matters?

Roger Skoff looks at audio past and present to see where we have come from and where we might be going... Read more
Hey Kids! Want to make your own LP records? Here's a place to start... Read more
Ever hear of The Project Trio? No? Well, Mark Smotroff gives you plenty of reasons to change that... Read more

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