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No, The Sky Won't Fall

Dead Man Walking? We know that CDs are in their death throes, but what will be the "official" date that CDs join El-cassettes and eight-track tapes on the scrapheap of of obsolete technologies. Someone thinks they know... Read more
How far have we come with modern power amp technology? Thanks to this garage find by publisher, Jerry Del Colliano, we are about to find out. A classic McIntosh 225 power amp from 1964 is being restored as we speak and HTR's Andrew Robinson is going to do a few hot laps in this classic tube amp and compare it to some of the best amps on the market today. Read more
Terry London, who's been a practicing therapist for over 30 years, as well as an avid audiophile, contributes his first article for about how he brings "naive" listeners to a state of grace...and hearing differences. Read more
Steven Stone holds on to old technologies. He still has Beta and VHS video-cassette recorders, PCM, DAT, tape cassette and even a pair of Revox reel-to-real recorders, but with the latest BluRay release of Cream's 2005 Royal Albert Hall concert, it's finally time to put the Toshiba DVD-HD players into mothballs... Read more

Why Apologize?

Why do audiophiles feel guilty? Why do we feel that twinge whenever someone asks us, "How much?" What is it about our hobby that compels us to apologize whenever a component is too cheap or too expensive? Read more
It's a great thing when someone can turn their passion into their business. It makes for a better experience for everyone involved. Greg Burns managed to do just that by bringing the audiophile gear he is passionate about into his store to share with his customers. Read more

Two Fine Vanguard Releases

These two Vanguard releases came out in 2000. And if they were under your radar back then, Steven Stone gives you a idea of what you've been missing...and links to remedy that situation... Read more

Quantifying Ecstasy

Can the subjective audio experience be quantified? Dr. Charles Zellig and Jay Clawson believe that it can. I'm withholding judgment until I've read all four installments of their articles. Read more
When and how do you listen to music? Steven Stone looks at why and how many humans use music, and why how you listen may determine what you get out of it. Multi-tasking may be the next wave in human productivity, but it's not conducive serious musical listening... Read more

The Compass Points Up

Another Friday, another music review. I've written that labels don't matter in the new world order of Internet distribution, but there's always an exception to the rule. Compass Records makes consistently great-sounding acoustic music that deserves a place in any acoustic music lover's collection. Read more

Thoughts on Traveling...

Travel, especially over long distances, used to be fun. Now it's all about making it tolerable. For Steven Stone having a good pair of comfortable earphones is even better than fold-up fuzzy slippers... Read more
Subwoofers. Sure, they can sound awful. But just because they CAN sound badly (and disturb the neighbors in the process) is no reason to avoid them. A well set-up subwoofer can make a system sing and kick out the jams... Read more

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