February 2015 Archives

Physical Media Is Dead?

Paul Wilson ponders his persistent devotion to physical media. Read more
Roger Skoff takes another look at audio perfection. Read more
Brent Butterworth wonders why one technology is embraced by audio enthusiasts while a very similar one is not. Read more
Steven Stone updates AR readers about the complications of moving with a world-class A/V system. Read more
Mark Smotroff grooves on hi-res country soul from Solomon Burke. Read more
Paul Wilson wonders if the recent trend toward "lifestyle" audio products is a good thing. Read more
Roger Skoff writes about what went wrong Read more
Mark Smotroff riffs on radio past, broken 45s and the joy of discovering music missed back in the day Read more
Dennis Foley discusses the idea of ideal room dimensions -- and how important speakers are in the equation. Read more
Mark Smotroff ponders whether GBV's Bee Thousand is the '90s Great White Wonder Read more
Paul Wilson recounts his recent adventures in analog Read more

A New Twist on Copper?

Roger Skoff posts Part 6 of his occasional series on weird things about cables Read more
Brent Butterworth runs some tests to see which subwoofer design is best ... if any ... Read more
Steven Stone looks at the reasons why Kickstarter campaigns aren't a panacea for consumers or manufacturers. Read more
Mark Smotroff tries to justify how a '90s-era CD sounds better than a new LP reissue Read more
Paul Wilson finds new meaning in the pursuit of audiophilia Read more
Roger Skoff writes about the economics of enjoyment Read more

Time to Reassess High-Res Audio

Brent Butterworth ponders the general public's reaction to high-res audio. Read more

So, How's the Move Going?

Steven Stone gives Audiophile Review readers an update on his big move... Read more
Mark Smotroff tosses aside preconception, welcoming Flaming Lips' Sgt. Pepper remake/remodel Read more

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