March 2014 Archives

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Paul Wilson looks at his New Year's resolutions and new musical horizons... Read more
Mark Smotroff reveals the soft spot in his heart for select gifted ladies of jazz and song... Read more
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Oligarch Audio

Steven Stone explains why he isn't interested in reviewing hyper-expensive audio gear... Read more
Mark Smotroff gets underwhelmed by Blu-Ray editions of two overwhelming films... Read more

A Few Thoughts On Imaging

Steven Stone looks at a speaker systems' ability to create a three-dimensional image... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at double blind testing... Read more
Mark Smotroff enjoys another fun new release from Dayton's finest... Read more
Part One - Roger Skoff theorizes on the last step in the future of High End cables Read more
Why Steven Stone won't be hearing Nickel Creek live this summer... Read more
Mark Smotroff explores two lost late 1960s releases driven by famed music producers on both sides of the Atlantic... Read more
Steven Stone looks at some of the pros and cons of Neil Young's PONO Read more
Paul Wilson looks at basements and what they are used for... Read more
Mark Smotroff scores some vintage 1950s piano jazz reissue bargains that sound real good too! Read more


Roger Skoff writes on for whom the bell trolls... Read more
If you like folk music, Red House Records has some new stuff for you... Read more

Oh No! It's Pono!

Steven Stone looks at an idea that is behind its time Read more

On Collecting Audio Gear

As a slightly reformed collector, Steven Stone offers fellow collectors some suggestions... Read more

It's All About The Design

Paul Wilson looks at some of the most radical speaker designs... Read more
Mark Smotroff rediscovers a Stevie Wonder classic as a super high resolution download... Read more
Roger Skoff explains in detail why stuff costs so much... Read more

Hair Shirt Audio

Steven Stone looks at what can be one of the more domestically exasperating aspects of audiophilia... Read more
Mark Smotroff discovers some vintage rock 'n soul LP reissues without breaking the bank for original pressings. Read more
Steven Stone looks at the latest reissue of Mile Davis' masterpiece Kind of Blue... Read more

The Case For Tweaks

Paul Wilson shares his experience with one particular Tweak... Read more

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