March 2013 Archives

Mark Smotroff gets Squaketted, but not in surround. Read more
And how does HDTracks' Yes album, Going For The One stack up? Mark Smotroff gives you the 411... Read more

A Gamble That Worked Out

Steven Stone's excellent EBAY adventure, where he discovers, once more, that sometimes sellers don't tell the whole truth... Read more
Surf's Up! And Beach Boys fans have a lot to Smiley Smile about, according to Mark Smotroff... Read more
Steven Stone wonders if the fractious nature of audio commentary is the result of too many fans... Read more
It's not all chocolate bon-bons and found treasures for record collectors as Mark Smotroff is all too willing to admit... Read more

What's an audiophile?

Roger Skoff asks the question - What's Your Answer? Read more
Steven Stone looks at what replacing the earpads on a pair of Stax Headphones can do... Read more
Last Week Kevin Poore weighed in on the new Hendrix release. This week it's Mark Smotroff's turn... Read more

My Five Favorite Audio Apps

Here are Steven Stone's five "must-have" Apps that he never leaves home without... Read more

Don't Call the Fire Dept Yet

Alicia Keys' latest doesn't quite light up Charles Andrews life... Read more
Here's the final installment of a four-part series by Roger Skoff - And now, the latest and greatest thing yet... Mono... Read more
Kevin Poore goes nuts over the latest Hendrix album... Read more
If you like the Moody Blues, you need to read Mark Smotroff's look at their multi-channel 5.1 offerings. Read more
Steven Stone had an ancient pair of Stax SR-001s that he never used. A tip on Head-Fi changed that... Read more
For Friday, Mark Smotroff looks at Pat Metheny's latest on Blu-ray... Read more
Here's the third of a four-part series by Roger Skoff - And now, the latest and greatest thing yet... Mono... Read more
Art Noxon, President of Acoustic Sciences explains why room acoustics matter. Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at vinyl re-releases from Sam Philips, Jeff Buckley and The Flaming Lips. Read more

Tame Impala - Lonerism

For Kevin Poore's first contribution the Audiophile Review, he looks at Tame Impala's Latest release... Read more

New CD Releases for 3-1-13

Here's five fresh new releases that cover rock, bluegrass, jazz, folk, and honkytonk from Kim Richey, Fat Opie, Heather Masse and Dick Hyman, Dale Watson, and Steve Gulley. Read more

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