December 2012 Archives

Steven Stone looks at the first commercially-available PCM recorder, the Sony F-1, and its place in audio history. Read more
For the last new CD list for 2012 Steven Stone has some power-pop, bluegrass, jazz, and even a singer-songwriter...enjoy Read more
Roger Skoff looks at the similarities between electric train sets of yesteryear and the hi-end industry of today... Read more

Why You Need a Variac

Steven Stone reveals one of his essential audio tools, and how he uses it to make things better... Read more
Mark Smotroff compares the newest re-release of Hot Rats with the Rykodisc release. In this case, newer is better... Read more
Steven Stone looks at the concept of the "Super-disc List" and finds it to be less useful than a warped record... Read more
Here are three CDs that Steven Stone thinks should be in the collection of any roots, rock, or folk fan. Read more
Roger Skoff Looks at Capacitors and Cables and their Shared Technologies... Read more

Software Rules Hardware

How important is the source material in sound reproduction? Steven Stone believes it's more important than any piece of hardware... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at Celebration Day, Led Zeppelin's live concert disc. Read more

Audiophiles Love Lists

Riddle me this...why do Audiophiles love "Best" lists? Steven Stone looks at the concept of "Best of Show" and explains why it matters... Read more
Ok, it is the holiday season, even Scrooge Stone finds a couple of seasonal discs that will fit in with the mistletoe and rum punch... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at capacitors and finds a mystery - where does a capacitive charge go when a capacitor is disassembled? Read more

Risk, Loss, and Earphones

Portable earphones have main disadvantage over home-based earphones - they get lost and stolen a lot more often... Read more

Getting Your Beatles Surround Fix

Want to hear the Beatles in surround? Mark Smotroff has some discs for you... Read more

Is A Generation Going Deaf?

Steven Stone wonders about the future of full-frequncy hearing for future generations. What if you whisper and no one can hear you? Read more

Three CD Reviews from 2004

Steven Stone revisits great albums from Kenny and Amanda Smith, Darol Anger and the American Fiddle Ensemble, and David Grisman and Jerry Garcia that you may have missed first time around. Read more

Blind Squirrels and Acorns

Some vintage audio components are the stuff dreams are made of...others, not so much. Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at the latest from Andy Partridge and Peter Blegvad. Read more
Steven Stone was wondering how many readers are as into their car stereos as they are into home and portable audio, so he created a 1 minute quiz... Read more

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