December 2010 Archives

When tackled with the concept of Net Neutrality, most people can get lost in the minutia. That's what a study by Rasmussen Research proved. Or did it? Maybe they stacked the deck by asking the wrong questions. Read more
Audiophiles love high quality music. And more and more, high resolution streaming is becoming available. But there are definitely some clear frontrunners in the game. Here are two of them. Read more
Apple introduced a second generation Apple TV, which took the device away from a model with a hard drive to one that is streaming only. Now it looks to be a smash success despite its many technical inferiorities when compared to its predecessor. Read more
Cables can make a difference to a system, even a simple AC cable. However, the Avatar II AC cable from the Lotus Group is not just a simple cable. It is an impressively designed component. Read more
Sony has released a new streaming music service for consumers, one which might put it ahead of its competition in terms of access but could fall behind in terms or the audio quality. Read more
What is the deal with retro styling? It's one thing when it is applied to a pair of jeans. It is quite another when it is applied to an audio component that is supposed to offer modern functionality. So again, what it the deal? Read more
Reuters releases a new bulletin that warned that the digital download business might be in trouble. However, upon looking closer, Steven Stone found a few logical flaws in the reasoning of this assumption. Read more
Don Was bemoaned the loss of liner notes with iTunes, speculating that it is contributing to the loss of the album experience. However, that may not necessarily be the case in our modern times. Read more
Made in Chine is a ubiquitous term, earning scorn from many. However that scorn may not be well earned as a new report shows that not as much money is being diverted to China as you might think. Read more
At the 2010 Rockey Mountain Audio Fest, Steven Stone had a conversation about what the future of audio retail needs to be to survive, but it looks like McIntosh may have been ahead of him on this one. Read more
Every year, Home Theater Review, Audiophile Review's parent site, compiles a list of the best components of that year. In all categories. Here is an examination of the 2010 list of the year's best of the best. Read more
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra musicians are locked in a long and difficult battle. For information on what is going on in Detroit and if there is anything you can do to help, look no further. Read more

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