August 2013 Archives

New CDs for 8-30-13

New jazz, rock, folk, and roots CDs that Steven Stone thinks are worthy of your attention... Read more
What does auto racing and classical music listening have in common? More than you would think... Read more

The New Audiogon Gets Newer

Steven Stone looks at the latest news and changes from Audiogon... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at some vibes on vinyl... Read more

Geeking Out

Want a $299 portable DAC for $99? How about for $5000? You can take your pick... Read more

Nine Inch Nails in 5.1

Sometimes the surround sound mix gets it right, as Mark Smotroff discovers on this NIN release... Read more
Roger Skoff finds some sales claims that make anything we've seen in audio seem staid... Read more
Ever hear of Sono Luminus? Here's the 411 on a cool record label. Read more
Mark Smotroff finds something new under the sun... Read more

Take it to the House

Steven Stone goes to a house concert and likes what he hears... Read more
New jazz, roots, bluegrass, and new acoustic music for late summer... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at test equipment - including your ears... Read more

Hot Fun in the Summertime

What do audiophiles do in the summer? Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at a home run from Guided By Voices... Read more
Steven Stone looks at whether attending an audio show is a wise use of resources. Read more

Mingus 180-gram Bargains

Like Vinyl? Like Mingus? Then you should read this... Read more

Go For It!

Roger Skoff looks at how a high-fidelity system "should" sound... Read more
Steven Stone delivers ten of his own so very important edicts for audio. Read more
Never heard of The Polyphonic Spree? Mark Smotroff gives you the 411... Read more

The New Meridian Director

Meridian lifts the veil on their latest's oval... Read more
Like Zappa? Mark Smotroff has a must-have for you... Read more

Looking Like A Horse

Roger Skoff looks at pace, detail, and finding the music buried in your stereo system... Read more

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