September 2013 Archives

Irrational Markets

Ever find the price of a used piece of gear crazy? Steven Stone looks at some of the reasons why... Read more
Mark Smotroff discovers parts of Pete Townshend's Lifehouse burbling to life... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at the if's and why's of High End audio superiority... Read more

Price Matters

And now, back to regular programming...Steven Stone looks at how a product's price can influence our opinion of its performance... Read more
Mark Smotroff listens to a whole lot of Grateful Dead on tour... Read more

After the Flood

Steven Stone wraps up his flood reports with a final installment... Read more

Blue Monday

The flooding in Colorado continues with Steven Stone caught in the midst of it... Read more

Dick & Tinker

Roger Skoff explains that sometimes you just need to dick around with something... Read more
Steven Stone is still dealing with audio during a crisis, albeit from some unexpected sources... Read more


Steven Stone battles floods in a Colorado canyon... Read more

An Accidental Blind Testing

Steven Stone finds an opportunity to listen blind and he takes it... Read more
If Harry Nilsson is your homeboy, this should make you very happy... Read more
Roger Skoff looks back a several memorably impossible CES demos... Read more

Is That All There Is?

Steven Stone wonders if high resolution audio has finally reached its goal... Read more
Mark Smotroff Looks at a new Vinyl release from Joe Jackson... Read more
Steven Stone wonders if Kumbaya finally come to high-definition audio? Read more
Live classical music recorded in a bar? Mark Smotroff drinks it in... Read more


Roger Skoff looks at manufacturing methods methods for making LPs sound better... Read more

The Brush and The Palette

Some analogies work in a multiplicity of situations... Read more
Like Elton John? Mark Smotroff steers you toward some new tunes... Read more

Pool Ball Visualizations

What do Billiards and Audio have in common? Read more

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