January 2011 Archives

High definition music is not a hopeless endeavor. There are many outlets to obtain true, audiophile recordings. However, it probably won't be music you buy on a disc. That's not a realistic proposition. Here's why. Read more
Ultimate Electronics, an operator of forty-sic home entertainment and electronics stores, just went belly up and is declaring bankruptcy. There were a lot of reasons this happened and none of them are pretty. Read more
A lot of times audiophiles can get tunnel vision. It's understandable to concentrate on one component in your system, searching for the one that is perfect and just sings. But is that really the best way to go about things? Read more
The New York Times reported that Universal Music Group donated 200,000 recordings to The Library of Congress to preserve. This sounds like a great, noble act, but upon closer examination appears to be anything but. Read more
Technology is always evolving. That is its nature. Audiophile technology is no different. But when examining the past technology, has it been the ultra-expensive products or the budget products that have been the movers and shakers? Read more
Once again the media has blamed the wrong culprit when it comes to an issue affecting the your of the United States. The New York Times published an article attacking headphone use when they should have been blaming something else. Read more
Blue Chip Audio Company is a term that traditionally commands respect. But why exactly? What makes a company with this title respectable? Steven Stone asked around to find out. Read more
There is a new rumor circulating about the possibility of a massive improvement to Apple's iTunes software, an improvement that would make so many audiophiles happy. But is it a valid or even possible rumor? Read more
EMI was a huge label back in its prime. Even though the company is not the giant it was, it still has a huge catalog of recordings, which could soon be made available in high resolution. In its entirety. Read more

Big Speakers, Big Problems

Steven Stone walked around the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show listening to several huge "super speakers." One thing became very clear from all the listening: bigger is not always better. Read more
The Consumer Electronics Show is the largest electronics show in the world. But what if we didn't treat it as an expo show? What is we treated it as something else? How about a sporting event? Read more
Looking back on the year, a few components come to mind. However, only one component could reign supreme as number one. Which one was it and who almost made the cut? Read more

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