January 2014 Archives

Mark Smotroff tracks Dylan's new 200-gram Side Tracks rarities LP compilation Read more

Secret Knowledge

Roger Skoff takes a look at patents and whether they can help with an audiophile's buying decision Read more
Steven Stone looks at why he watches the Grammys, every year, no matter what... Read more
Mark Smotroff lets you in on some recent bargains he's found... Read more

A Bad Idea For An Award

Steven Stone looks at the problems inherent in some awards... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at the costs and the rewards of high-performance audio... Read more
Lifelong Beatlefan Mark Smotroff decides to not to buy the latest Beatle box set. Here's why.... Read more
Ever Hear of Gray Transcription turntables? Roger Skoff fills in some details... Read more
Steven Stone does double audiophile duty... Read more
Mark Smotroff gets all psychedelic and groovy... Read more
Steven Stone looks at what he thinks is the reason for the hipster vinyl renaissance... Read more
Paul Wilson ruminates on the present and future of physical media... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at a classical release from 2L... Read more
Roger Skoff ruminates on "audiophile guilt" and what it would take to end the apologies about price... Read more

Buck 'Em!

And now for something different...Steven Stone does a book review... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at some of his favorite obscure and reissued albums... Read more

Calling a POS a POS

Steven Stone wonders when and how much to push when a friend contemplates buying a sub-par turntable... Read more

The Continuing Cable Saga

Paul Wilson looks at whether cables "make a difference." The short answer is YES... Read more
Mark Smotroff has a Zappa album for folks who don't usually like Frank Zappa's music... Read more

Another View of CES

Roger Skoff Looks at why we go to CES... Read more
It's Winter, but Steven Stone knows where you can hear summer music festivals anytime you want... Read more

Harps! Vibes! Action!

Mark Smotroff looks at two albums that probably aren't on your radar... Read more
Steven Stone will not be at CES this year. Here's why... Read more
Paul Wilson talks with BSC's Bret D'Agostino Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at two "special" EPs and where to find them... Read more

Who's Open Minded?

Roger Skoff looks at the edges and limits of open-mindedness... Read more
Here's a New Year's Day test to see how much you really like music... Read more

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