December 2014 Archives

Mark Smotroff looks back on a year chockfull of musical wonderment and discovery Read more

The Myth of the "Golden Ear"

Brent Butterworth explains what it REALLY takes to be a good listener Read more
Mark Smotroff rediscovers an audiophile fave in a restored, remastered, reinvigorated hi-res download Read more
Paul Wilson reflects on the sheer joy of listening to music -- through whatever gear you've got Read more
Roger Skoff writes about the joys of being a Hi-Fi Crazy Read more
Mark Smotroff works up an appetite for high resolution Joni Mitchell music Read more
Dennis Foley explains how sound waves can interact with room dimensions to degrade your system's sound. Read more
Mark Smotroff grooves on the holiday spirit via special Record Store Day limited-edition vinyl Read more

Why We Do What We Do

Paul Wilson gives you some ammo for the next time someone criticizes your audio hobby. Read more
Roger Skoff writes Part 3 of his occasional series on weird things about cables. Read more

How Harry Pearson Changed Audio

Brent Butterworth examines the accomplishments and philosophies of audio journalism pioneer Harry Pearson. Read more
Mark Smotroff salutes red, white and blue Record Store Day roots reissues. Read more
Steven Stone looks at the most important part of headphone performance. Read more
You want fewer ads in your media? Paul Wilson wants more. Here's why. Read more
Roger Skoff ponders the importance (or lack thereof) of six-nines copper in cable design. Read more
Mark Smotroff digs the new Big Star DVD for all the right reasons. Read more
Brent Butterworth digs deep into the design of the best new Bluetooth speaker of the year. Read more
Mark Smotroff floats blissfully down Pink Floyd's Endless River on Blu-ray in 96/24 5.1 and stereo Read more
Paul Wilson says that with the debut of Tidal, it's time for audiophiles to weigh the pros and cons of Internet streaming Read more

Lady Hi-Fi Crazies?

Roger Skoff wonders why there aren't more female hi-fi enthusiasts. Read more
Dennis Foley details the 6 things no audiophile should ever do in their listening room, ever. Read more
Brent Butterworth explains why repoorts of the death of the music recording industry are greatly exaggerated Read more
Mark Smotroff reconnects with an Allman joy reinvented for the Blu-ray generation Read more

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