July 2013 Archives

Steven Stone wonders if there's one type of music that is more guilty of sonic sins than others.. Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at the choices a collector must make... Read more

RockyGrass Live over KGNU

Live broadcasts can often be sonically disappointing, but Rockygrass and KGNU gets it right... Read more
If you don't mind a bit of electric in your Bach, Mark Smotroff has something you may like... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at something far out, or far in, depending on how you look at it... Read more
How long should an audio component last? When does "quality" morph into "overbuilt?" Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at Nektar's newest release... Read more

On Loaning Gear

Steven Stone has five basic rules when loaning or borrowing gear... Read more
Mark Smotroff finds a new 180-gram vinyl pressing of solid rock and roll... Read more

Real Hi-Fi

Roger Skoff asks the question, "What is "Real" Hi-Fi?" Read more
Steven Stone looks at whether used gear is the way to go... Read more
Want to get to the essence of Phillip Glass's music? Try it on a harp... Read more
There are good and bad places to wear earphones.. Read more
Mark Smotroff gets run AMOK for Atoms For Peace... Read more
Roger Skoff Looks at the concept of perfect audio... Read more

Prove It

Steven Stone looks at the issue of who's opinions are believable... Read more
Mark Smotroff listens to Brian Eno, past and present... Read more
What could be bad about a live feed from a festival? The sound... Read more
Mark Smotroff takes a look at two Motor City classics... Read more

The Ahh Factor

How can you tell when a stereo system is good? Sometimes it's all about how it makes you feel... Read more
Like Jimi? Perhaps it's time to try him in Mono... Read more
Steven Stone looks at the primary limiting factor in sonic fidelity... Read more

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