Month: June 2018

Imaging – My Favorite Aspect of High Performance Audio


Paul Wilson describes his favorite part of the audiophile hobby…

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When Is It OK to Listen to Vinyl?

Analog • 44 Comments

Jerry Del Colliano makes peace with Records, sort of......

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Review: Raymond Scott’s Three Willow Park (Electronic Music From Inner Space 1961-1971) On Vinyl, Tidal

Audiophile Music • One Comment

Mark Smotroff takes an otherworldly musical journey via the cockpit of dreams......

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Enjoying the Telluride Music Festival Remotely

News • 2 Comments

Steven Stone enjoys four days of festival from the comfort of his desktop…

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Is it Time To Upgrade Your Audio System (again)?

Audiophile • 2 Comments

Paul Wilson looks at how and when he updates his audio system......

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Real Estate Is a Major Cost in a High-End Audiophile System

News • 12 Comments

Jerry Del Colliano looks at the most expensive component your system…

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Review: Reconsidering The Lords Of The New Church on CD, Tidal

Audiophile Music • 3 Comments

Mark Smotroff revisits an early 80s new wave landmark......

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Why I Didn’t Write That Audio Equipment Review

News • 17 Comments

Steven Stone explains why some flawed products don't get a review......

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Review: Yes Bassist Chris Squire’s Fish Out of Water In 96/24, Surround Sound, CD and Tidal Streaming

Audiophile Music • 9 Comments

Mark Smotroff just says Yes to another superdeluxe boxed set…

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Does It Sound Better Or Is It My Imagination?

Audiophile Music • 10 Comments

Paul Wilson thinks about whether or not system improvements are real or imagined......

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MQA – It’s About Time, Not Frequency!


Andy Schaub explains what he thinks MQA does better......

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Review: King Crimson Live in Vienna and Chicago, Complete Concerts on CD, Tidal

Audiophile Music • One Comment

Mark Smotroff trails the eight-headed Crimson beastie…

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Absurdly Overpackaged Audio Gear Bothers Me

Cables • 6 Comments

Steven Stone wonders if we really need all that "value-enhancing" stuff around an audio product"......

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Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma at 75, Original Cast Album Reissue Vinyl, CD and Tidal Streaming

Audiophile Music

Mark Smotroff finally finds a reason to write about a 75-year-old Broadway show......

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Will Traditional High End Audio Turn Into A Lifestyle Product?

News • 4 Comments

Paul Wilson considers when high performance audio and a “Lifestyle” products will merge..

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The Virtues of Analog Audio

Analog • 9 Comments

Andy Schaub offers his view of Analog sources......

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Review: Paul McCartney & Wings Greatest, on Vinyl and Tidal Streaming

Audiophile Music • 2 Comments

Mark Smotroff grooves on more of Macca's greatest bits......

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How Loudly Do You Play Your Music?

News • 15 Comments

Steven Stone looks at what loud means to different people…

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Review: Paul McCartney’s Thrillington On Vinyl, and Tidal

Audiophile Music

Mark Smotroff grooves on some of Macca's greatest thrills......

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