November 2013 Archives

Mark Smotroff looks a some classical titles avaialble in surround Read more
Roger Skoff looks at progress and audio and wonders if we are going forward, backward, or just sideways... Read more
Steven Stone comes up with a new audio category that better reflects our modern times than "Mid-Fi"... Read more
Mark Smotroff finds reissues you should avoid... Read more
Steven Stone looks at Amarra Symphony's newest capability which expands it's features into signal and room corrections... Read more
Paul Wilson finds six new jazz releases from small labels that demonstrate that jazz is alive and well. Read more
Are Cables under $40 all you really Need? Nope, not according Roger Skoff, who looks at the folly of using cheap cables... Read more

Tweaks and Explanations

Steven Stone looks at a tweak and wonders how it works... Read more
Not much in this world is without flaws, but Mark Smotroff finds something... Read more
Which is best, DSD or PCM? How about neither? Read more
Mark Smotroff finds Nick Drake in surround.... Read more


Roger Skoff ruminates on the spaces between the music... Read more
Steven Stone looks at Synergistic Research's 2013 RMAF Demo... Read more
Mark Smotroff gets ecstatic over XTC in surround... Read more
Steven Stone listens a whole bunch of Grateful Dead and likes it... Read more
Want some new pop music? Mark Smotroff's got it... Read more

The Emperor's New Ears

Roger Skoff gives a brief history of subjective listening... Read more

New Releases For 11-06-13

Steven Stone looks at new releases from Patty Larkin, Band of Heathens, Noam Pikelny, Peter Cooper, Tim O'Brien and Darrell Scott, and Fred Fried. Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at some soulful reissues... Read more

Roping In Mavericks

Steven Stone upgrades two Macs to Mavericks. He needed a bigger coral... Read more
Mark Smotroff listens to Primus in Surround Read more

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