November 2012 Archives

This week's new albums come from the US, Canada, and Portugal, with jazz, folk, roots, and classical well represented... Read more
If you're still stuffing layers of newspapers under one end of your speakers to tip them up, you should read this... Read more
Up for some Beatles? Mark Smotroff looks at two Beatles releases available on Blu-Ray Read more
Why is Steven Stone going so bonkers over headphones? Maybe it's just old age... Read more

Three Great CDs from 2004

Early 2004 brought three stellar releases that should be in every folk, or roots fan's collection from Mary Chapin Carpenter, Grant Lee Phillips, and Kate Rusby Read more
Take the day off, Steven Stone said it was OK... Read more
How many channels is your power amplifier? Steven Stone thinks the right answer is one... Read more

Quadrophenia's Many Faces on Blu-Ray

If You're a Who fan, you'll want to read Mark Smotroff's review of the new Quadrophenia Blu-Ray disc Read more
In our modern world, "Traveling light" has become the only way to go. So why does Steven Stone insist on carrying two pairs of earphones? Read more
This week's bounty includes a jazz piano album from Pamela York, world music from Eric Bibb and Habib Kote, outtakes from the Punch Brothers, bluegrass from Chris Brashear, and great-sounding folk album from Elephant Revival. Read more
What do Public Relations Firms do? Bryan Stanton offers insights into how public relations and high performance audio work together. Read more

My favorite FM Tuners

As FM radio tuners recede in prominence, replaced by Internet radio, Steven Stone lists some of his favorite FM tuners from days gone by. Read more

Glenn Hansard's Rhythm and Repose

Mark Smotroff Looks at Glenn Hansard's latest release, as well as some of Hansard's past work. Read more
Steven Stone has complained about amateur reviews in the past, but sometimes he must doff his hat in response to a job supremely well done... Read more
This week's blasts from the past include an important album from Tony Rice, a bizarre release from Dan Reeder, and a superlative live performance album (in both CD and DVD) from Asleep at the Wheel. Read more

Leave it on!

Roger Skoff looks why it's a better idea to leave your audio gear permanently on instead of powering it down. It may even save you money... Read more

My "New" Old Headphones

As a reviewer Steven Stone listens to a lot of new headphones. Why would he bother to buy a pair of old, used headphones? Read more
For Mark Smotroff's first contribution to Audiophile Review, he looks at Neil Young's politically-charged and musically satisfying Blu Ray disc. Read more

DSD - The Next Big Thing?

DSD is short for Direct Stream Digital. Is this an alternative digital format that you should care about... Read more
This week Steven Stone has five new releases for your consideration. Jazz, jamband, roots, country, and folk are all represented in this trove of new stuff. Read more
No recording methodology is distortion-free. Roger Skoff looks at why neither will ever be perfect... Read more

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