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Rip, Then Sell Your CDs?

Since I began ripping CDs into my computer's music library I rarely use the original CDs. Wouldn't it be great if I could just sell 'em? Sure, as long as you don't mind risking a hefty fine or worse. Read how CDs have become your legal defacto receipt for digital copy rights. Read more
Although U.S. record sales are up 30%, it still does not bode well for the home team. Don't expect a rash of new audiophile releases from major labels. Why? Because Audiophiles have very little to do with this new growth. Read more
Having been a commercial photographer for more than twenty years during the bad old days of film I can appreciate well-executed product photography. But why showing photographs of premium-priced gear upsets some people so much I'll never fathom... Read more
B&W's new C5 headphones look great, and have a unique attachment scheme, but for Steven Stone their fit left something to be desired... Read more

It's the room...

So what's the most important component in your system? Yeah, I know the title gives it away. But still, how much time have you spent lately cleaning up your room's sonic issues? Read more

Focal and Naim Are Now One

I now pronounce you MERGED. Another strategic merger as hi-fi companies hunker down for the times to come... Read more
Are you as tired of proclamations of "The Best!" attached to everything with no attention given to the relevance of the claim. Is my BEST and your BEST the same? I don't think so... Read more
The tales of his demise were premature. Sound by Singer will be opening a new and improved facility in NYC. Details are inside... Read more

Why Not Beautiful?

I like beautiful looking things. Too bad that so much high-performance audio gear is so ugly. But occasionally a manufacturer decides to do something different that appeals as much to the eyes as the ears. April Music may be onto something... Read more
Everybody is pitching TV shows these days, so I thought I'd share my idea for a killer TV show with a decidedly audiophile bent to it. HGTV, I'm gonna be home all day tomorrow waiting for your call... Read more
Is wired better or worse wireless? Steven Stone looks at the two choices and gives you some situations where you will want to use one or the other. Using the right connection will improve your system's sound. Read more
Here's a tale of a schoolhouse, an acoustic group, and a pair of microphones. Steven Stone treks into the wilds of Colorado (Ok, it's only two miles from his house) to make a field recording of an exciting new acoustic group that plays a unique kind of modern music. Read more

On Reliability

Does reliability insure great sound? Finding a thirteen-year-old portable CD player in my closet made me think about what it means to be reliable. And which would you rather have, reliability or great sound? Read more
Sometimes a product gets reviewed and raved about, but because of the nature of the rave, it doesn't have the final results that you would expect after a positive review. The Morrison E.L.A.D. is just such a product. Probably the only time that Peter Aczel and I will agree an anything... Read more

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