March 2012 Archives

Three Fine Albums From 2002

Here's three more musical reasons to be glad to be alive that have been available for decade, but you may have missed. Read more


That's a dirty word in audiophile parlance, but finding a recording that doesn't have some compression is pretty darned hard... Read more
Got an SPL meter? Well, it's time to whip it out. Make your listening room better by making it quieter... Read more

New CDs For 3-23-12

Five albums in this week's new release reviews feature folk, blues, bluegrass, and Americana. Read more
Some Audiophiles think speaker cable doesn't matter. Andrew Robinson is a big fan of Bi-wiring. he explains why here. Read more
How can Steven Stone make such a bold statement? Easy, he's been using and making high-resolution recordings for years...and comparing the results. Read more
Part of Audiophile Review's continuing efforts to bring you music that you may have overlooked the first time around, Steven Stone finds three more gems that should be in your collection. Read more

Tubes Rule! Really?

A day before the ides of March, Steven Stone asks the rather basic question - why are tubes better than solid state? Read more
What do you do when your system starts to hum along and teaching it the words doesn't work? Sometimes, you punt... Read more
Here are five new albums and one live concert Blu-Ray disc. You'll find Rock, Roots, Bluegrass, Folk, and the B-52s. Read more
How could there be no such thing as a bad review? Because with the right manufacturer's comments even a review that's not utterly glowing can be turned into gold. Read more

All On or All Off?

A stereo system can consume a lot of energy. Steven Stone looks at his own audio energy usage and how it's changed over the years. It's all about pushing buttons... Read more
Steven Stone looks at what could be the most important and influential acoustic music album of 2012. Are you ready to, in the words of Charles Ives, stretch your ears? Read more

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