June 2015 Archives

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I Guess It's In The DNA

Paul Wilson looks at the roots of his Audiophilia... Read more

XLR Extended

Roger Skoff posts Part 15 of his seemingly endless series on weird things about cables] Read more

Dion Unplugged 1971

Mark Smotroff Get Down With Dion's Early 70's Live Acoustic Groove... Read more
Steven Stone hosts a Colorado Audio Society meeting at his new home. Read more
Mark Smotroff gets buzzed on tasty new indie-flavored, punk-fried rock 'n roll from Buzzcocks Read more
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Roger Skoff posts Part 14 of his seemingly endless series on weird things about cables Read more
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Steven Stone listens to B.B. King's Live at the Regal in multiple formats... Read more
Mark Smotroff reconsiders Cocteau Twins hit album reissued on 180-gram vinyl and HD download Read more
Paul Wilson wonders about his attraction to audio... Read more
Roger Skoff comments on what was said at one of the T.H.E. Show seminar Read more
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Brent Butterworth wonders if we should be concerned about how "ordinary" people view our pursuit. Read more
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Paul Wilson wonders whether audio dealers will survive... Read more

The Luck of the XLR

Roger Skoff posts lucky Part 13 of his occasional series on weird things about cables... Read more
Mark Smotroff digs into the complete Tony Bennett / Bill Evans sessions on vinyl... Read more

A Reviewer's Job Is Simple

StevenStone explains what makes a good audio review... Read more
Mark Smotroff rescues some more fine albums that fell through the cracks Read more

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