February 2011 Archives

Not everyone can drop $25,000 on a pair of speakers. For speakers that exist at the lower end of the price scale but still maintain a level of quality, here are a few of favorite loudspeakers. Read more

The Inevitability of Cable

Cables are a variable in any system, an inevitable variable that cannot be avoided, despite what other audiophiles may say. So here is some helpful advice to help deal with this quandary. Read more

Music Matters Video

In case you were upset by the fact that you couldn't attend the Music Matters event at Definitive Audio, your frustrations can end. Definitive Audio has posted a high quality video of the even online. Read more
For many people, a preamplifier feels like a luxury that is not wholly necessary to a system. But is that the case? What can a preamplifier bring to your system, if anything at all? Read more
The Jimi Hendrix Standard is a unique standard to measure the performance of a loudspeaker. It puts a unique spin on the standards and practices used by most, updating it for a more contemporary attitude. Read more
Think real hard. Can you remember the record company of the most recent album you bought or downloaded? Probably not. Record companies have lost a lot of power in modern times. Is that a good thing though? Read more
Everyone knows for a proper system set-up, you need a subwoofer. But what about having more than one subwoofer? Is the old idea that more is better true when it comes to subwoofers? Read more

The Grammys

Most appreciators of an art have a love/hate relationship with the award show that honors that art. The Grammy's and Steven Stone are no exception. Check out this commentary of the award show. Read more
Munitio has a new pair of ear buds that feature a concept that is questionable. What is not questionable, though, is the performance of the BLK: nine millimeter earphones, which are shaped to match their name. Read more
Ultimate Electronics has been in financial trouble, one might even call it dire straights for the company, so much so that the company decided to stiff a charitable cause to the tune of $360,000. Read more
Android has made huge growth in the mobile device market, but has not made as much progress in the media server and control marketplaces. Now Sonos has an app to help change that. Read more
So apparently it took a management and consulting group to conduct a survey to discover that customers like devices that don't frequently crash and freeze. Now, Steven Stone chimes in. Read more
Magico is moving beyond loudspeakers, but not far beyond. The company's new product will help out loudspeaker products with problems of vibration. This new product is called the QPods. Read more

Super Bowl Sound

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest media events of the year. It makes sense that it would utilize the state of the art in all kinds of technology, including the latest in location audio equipment. Read more
EMI is in trouble. As such, the company is looking for a new partner to come in and rescue them. But who will that partner be? Steven Stone analyzes the theories out there and presents his opinions. Read more
Definitive Audio wanted to offer audiophiles an event where they could come together and celebrate music and audiophilia. That is why the retailer has created the Music Matters events. Read more
The new Parasound NewClassic 5250 v.2 amplifier defies the tradition of what it means to be THX certified, but in a good way. It makes you wonder why it hasn't always been this way. Read more

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