There is no more emotional topic with audiophiles than the sonic characteristics of vinyl. Audiophiles go to the most over-the-top extremes to get the most from their collection of vinyl records. They spend anywhere from hundreds of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars on turntables that can deliver the most magical of sound. Critics say that vinyl has a high signal to noise ratio and limited dynamics compared to Compact Discs but it’s hard to argue that the analog sound is alluring, sexy and compelling. Vinyl also is the format that, by far, the most audiophile records are released on. 180 gram and 200 gram analog records provide a fantastic musical experience.

Quick Dives: Miles Davis: The Electric Years, Vinyl Me Please Super Deluxe Boxed Set Explored

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Mark Smotroff explores the underlying value proposition to a super deluxe edition boxed set…

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4+5 Reasons To Love 45 RPM Vinyl Singles

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Mark Smotroff champions the beleaguered 7-inch vinyl format... ...

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Stretching Boundaries: Terry Adams’ Fantastic Terrible & Sonny Rollins’ Beloved West Coast LPs On New Vinyl 

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Mark Smotroff grooves on two boundary-stretching releases from two boundary-stretching musicians... ...

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2022 Listening Report Round-up: Some Jazz Vinyl That Got Away By Ahmad Jamal, Tony Williams and Kenny Burrell

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Mark Smotroff catches up on some releases which he didn't get around to reviewing last year…...

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