April 2012 Archives

Part of the Audiophile experience is buying and eventually selling audio gear. Most of the time everything works out, but sometimes things go wrong... Read more
Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, and JerryGarcia. Three names whose music should be in every roots and Americana music fan's collection. Here are a trio of Steven Stone's album reviews from ten years ago... Read more

New Rituals

When was the last time you got together with your audiophile buddies and spent the evening listening to music? Long time? Me too... Read more
Treble, bass, and midrange controls are about as forward-thinking a feature as a buggy whip holder. Here's why... Read more
Here are five new CDs and one Blu-Ray for your weekend pleasure. From Phil Collins to Marty Stuart, from super-smooth to country grit, it's all here. Read more

What Will $10 Get 'Ya?

You want an affordable powered speaker? How about under $10 a pair? And how about they don't sound bad either... Read more
Before illegal downloads and file-sharing there were bootleg recordings for the RIAA to chase down. Back then they were almost as successful at bagging pirates as they are today... Read more
An anthology of Johnny Cash songs, as well as one recent and one historical bluegrass album make Steven Stone's "must-have" albums from 2002 for this Friday's CD reviews. Read more
What does a mastering engineer do, exactly? Audiophile Review decided to ask a working pro... Read more
Can a cable's performance degrade over time? Audiophile Review asked Bill Low from AudioQuest, Ray Kimber from Kimber Cable, Karen Sumner from Transparent Audio, and David Salz from WireWorld. Read more

New CD Reviews for 4-6-12

For this Friday's new releases we have classical, bluegrass, and even religious music for your listening pleasure... Read more
Don't you just hate it when you get invites to two events, both that you want to attend, but they always happen at the same time? Steven Stone has had this problem for a couple of years... Read more

Ear-Tip Follies

Are the ear-tips on your earbuds a personal health hazard? They can be. But Steven Stone offers a common sense solution to this potential pain-in-the-ear. Read more
A merger of epic proportions shocks the high-end audio universe. Three major speaker manufacturers join forces to create a true 500 lb. Gorilla. Read more

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