August 2012 Archives

This Friday's blasts from the past include a glorious Celtic vocalist, Two mandolin legends, and a country singer-songwriter. All three albums are superb. Read more
No, Steven Stone isn't not talking about life-insurance. Hearing-insurance would be a better term for his must-haves... Read more

On Imaging and Loudspeakers

How should speakers image? And what is imaging anyway? J.Gordon Holt gave us a succinct definition, so why does imaging cause so much additional discourse? Read more

New CD Releases for 8-24-12

This week we have seven new releases that includes jazz, bluegrass, rock, country, and some serious acoustic blues. Enjoy... Read more

How Do You Hear New Music?

Although we all have our old favorites, even the most musically-entrenched listeners need something new. Where do you find new additions to your library? Read more

A Sense of Balance

Do you use your balance control? Do you even HAVE a balance control? If not, Steven Stone has a couple of suggestions for adding one to your system. Read more
Three reviews from the past - one is anthology, one is a live album, and one is a re-release of a country-rock classic. Enjoy. Read more

Why No Perfect Preamps?

A preamp's job is simple - adjust the volume level and choose a source. How come we have yet to hear a completely transparent preamp? Read more
Every time Michael Phelps was swimming he had on a different pair of headphones. What's was up with that? Pure Genius... Read more
New releases for Friday include a Blu-Ray concert disc from Peter Gabriel and new CDs from the folk group Shel, country songwriter Radney Foster, and the husband and wife duo Joey + Rory. Read more
For Audiophiles the term "mid-fi" is a five-letter word that means exactly what most four-letter words mean. Steven Stone thinks it's time to move on... Read more

Recording Music Outdoors

Most audiophile recordings are made indoors. But a lot of music is made outdoors. Steven Stone went outdoors to make a recording and discovered that, yes, recording outdoors is different... Read more

CDs from 2003 for 8-3-12

This Friday's blasts from the past include a Bluegrass Gospel album, a hot acoustic instrumental CD, and a superb singer-songwriter release. Read more
Given a choice, even musicians would like to have a great-sounding audio system. But most young musicians don't think they can afford one. They can, and it's our job to let them know that they can... Read more

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