August 2014 Archives

The Science Of A Hobby

Paul Wilson looks at the hobby of being an audiophile... Read more

To Air is Divine

Roger Skoff tells how to improve your System's sound cheap or free Read more

Cheap Patriotism?

Steven Stone looks at a difficult question to answer... Read more
Mark Smotroff blisses out to Cocteau Twins on vinyl... Read more

A House Brand in Your Home?

Steven Stone looks at whether "house brands" still have a place in contemporary audio... Read more
Paul Wilson Ruminates on the Future of Audio... Read more
Roger Skoff gives the final reasons why cable lifters aren't so dumb after all Read more
Mark Smotroff scopes out a dream site for surround sound recording Read more

I Likey Blue Mikey

Steven Stone looks at a way to turn your i-device into a decent recorder... Read more
Mark Smotroff attempts to find a silver lining and hidden magic within compressed recordings... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at hype verses fact in audiophile advertising... Read more
Roger Skoff flexes his intellectual muscles in defense of one of the High End's weirdest tweaks Read more


Steven looks at why there's still nothing like a live mic feed... Read more
Mark Smotroff finds the third Led Zeppelin album remains a charmer in high resolution audio Read more

Internet Radio is Easy

Steven Stone answers a question about how to "get into" Internet radio... Read more

Why Am I An Audiophile?

Paul Wilson looks at the reason behind his Audiophilia Read more

"Getting" It

Roger Skoff is baffled by peopled who are baffled Read more
Mark Smotroff dreams of an ultimate immersive Philip Glass listening experience Read more

Background Music

Steven Stone looks at whether background music is a good thing... Read more
Digital tends to tickle Mark Smotroff's fancy over analog when it comes to piano music Read more
Paul Wilson comments on comments... Read more

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