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Tape-scrape induced wow and flutter are intrinsic to the tape recording process. But you don't have to listen to piano with vibrato on its decay. Jamie Howarth has a transfer process that vastly reduces these ancient artifacts... Read more

New CD Reviews Jan 27, 2012

Steven Stone looks at six new releases, from Otis Taylor, IIIrd Tyme Out, Gene Watson, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, Martin Sexton, and the Grateful Dead. Is there something for everybody? Almost... Read more
Why do top-tier speakers cost so much? Steven Stone looks at some of the economic realities that make it difficult to manufacture a great-sounding inexpensive speaker. Read more

Back to Music

Recording live music is like having an entire orchestra as a selectable source. Back from CES, Steven Stone gets right to the business of making a new recording. Read more
Here's two more great CDs from 2001 that should be in your music library. Although both were released over eleven years ago, they may have passed beneath your radar. Here's another chance to see if they are your cup of tea... Read more

Why CES Sucks and Rules

Steven Stone hates and loves CES. Here are a few of the myriad of reasons... Read more
The time has come for every speaker manufacturer to think seriously about their future. Kodak's demise should serve as a cautionary tale... Read more

New CD Reviews Jan 13 2012

Here's Steven Stone's second bi-monthly set of exclusive capsule reviews for Audiophile Review of new and soon-to-be-released albums. You'll notice links to each artists' page to make it easier for you to explore their music Read more
Everyone gets in wrong sometimes. Steven Stone's first experience with the B&W C5 earphones was less than an unqualified success due to their fit. He thought the problem was a lack of variety in the eartips. Well, he was mistaken... Read more
Headphones are different than speakers. How different? Steven Stone Counts some of the ways... Read more
Sherman, set the wayback machine for 2001. Let's revisit a couple of essential albums that should be in every new acoustic music fan's library. Read more

The Wealth Gap in Audio

Are $5000 power amplifiers and $50,000 power amplifiers created for the same customer? Of course the answer is no. But we often see them marketed as if they were. Perhaps it's time to acknowledge the wealth gap in audio... Read more

My Retirement Audio System

If Steven Stone ceased reviewing audio gear tomorrow what gear would he keep? That is the question he mulls over on the second day of the new year. Some old favorites combined with new components make up the stuff he couldn't live without. Read more

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