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Steven Stone attended his niece's choir concert in Colorado's Grusin Hall, a venue he had not visited in nearly a decade. As soon as the concert started, he remembered why he does not frequent Grusin Hall. Read more

The $7,500 beat-down?

One of the biggest players in the media server market place is Meridian-Sooloos. For many they are the gold standard. But what happens when you take a Meridian-Sooloos Control 15 and test it against the Logitech Squeezebox Touch player. Find out. Read more
HDTracks seemingly made a huge score by getting The Who's Tommy album available for high-resolution download. Steven Stone decided to give it a shot and see what the presentation was like. Read more
A huge complaint by many users is that they can hear their subwoofer humming, which they find distracting. Well, now there is a solution offered in the Outlaw Audio OAW3 Wireless Audio System. Check it out. Read more
Where something is made can be a big deal to many consumers. In fact, it can even be a deal breaker in a lot of cases. Now there is a new certification process for AV components to achieve Made In The USA status. Read more
Even in the simplest of equipment or equipment accessories, even at the lowest possible price points, there will be products that are good and bad. Look no further than here for proof of that. Read more
The landscape of technology is changing and constantly. One of the casualties of this every-changing landscape may be the dedicated sound room. Read on to see why that is a possibility. Read more

Thoughts on Sidney Harman

Sidney Harman, a very important contributor to the audiophile industry, a pioneer even, has passed away. This is an article recounting the contributions of a great man to the industry we all love. Read more
Some components have extremely impressive longevity while others have almost none. This can be said for components with all the prestige in the world as easily as it can be said for those at the bottom. What makes a product last? Read more
It would appear that the younger, hipper generation is going retro - even in terms of the audio they listen to. These hipsters are going back to listening to music via turntables and vinyl. Read more
Whenever taking up an interest, it's important to understand the roots and foundations of that interest. It gives context to the modern state of that interest. So it is also true with audiophilia and these are components to do that. Read more
In the current economy, value is seemingly king. But that doesn't mean that quality has to be sacrificed to this new king. There are many great speakers available for less than $5000 per pair. Read more
A new hope has emerged for audio. Or perhaps its more of an old hope but in a much more widely accepted form. It's hard to believe it but a hope for the future of audio may come in the form of marijuana. Wait, what? Read more

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