October 2014 Archives

Finding The Prodigal Sons

Paul Wilson discovers that you can unearth amazing things when when you're not looking for them... Read more
Roger Skoff thinks there are fads even in consumer electronics... Read more
Mark Smotroff is happy he waited for the deluxe edition of Thom Yorke's new album... Read more

Laying Out My New Room

Steven Stone begins the design of a new listening room... Read more
Mark Smotroff gets entranced by the sonic mojo within Tom Petty's new Hypnotic Eye Blu-ray Disc... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at the past and present of audio... Read more
Roger Skoff starts a possible series on weird stuff about cables] Read more
Steven Stone looks at the odd relationship between audiophiles and too-big speakers... Read more
Mark Smotroff 'fesses up' to being a fickle American fan of the great Mike Oldfield while digging into some 2010 5.1 remixes... Read more

Bye-Bye Big Dunlavys

Steven Stone finds out there is life after selling his dream speakers... Read more

Teaching Myself to Listen

Paul Wilson looks at his own journey in listening... Read more
Roger Skoff Takes A Look at "Skin-effect" and High-End Cables Read more
Mark Smotroff explores tomorrow via yesterday's visionary, HG Wells Read more

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Steven Stone looks at online Hi-Rez demos... Read more
Mark Smotroff takes a chance on something new and likes what he hears Read more
Paul Wilson looks at the highs and lows of audio shows... Read more
Roger Skoff takes a look at how recording augmented his audio passions... Read more
A short cautionary primer about hemp and Rocky Mountain Audio Fest... Read more
Mark Smotroff fails to justify a fun purple record purchase... Read more

Moving - A Progress Report

Steven Stone brings readers up to date on his big move... Read more
Some sound you want to hear, other sound not so much. Paul Wilson looks at the second kind of sound... Read more


Roger Skoff tell why it's not just the music and the system that matters... Read more
Mark Smotroff Gets Inside The Who's Quadrophenia 5.1 Mix Read more

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