July 2011 Archives

If only rooms didn't have those pesky dimensions with peaks and valleys where the most linear transducer gets turned into a lumpy happy-face curve life would be perfect. Well, not quite. At least I found a cool iPod/iPod/iPhone music program... Read more
Steven Stone claims he is off at a band camp for audiophiles, appreciating music. However, Home Theater Review publisher Jerry Del Colliano has a few theories about what Steven is really doing. Read more
The RMAF or Rockey Mountain Audio Fest has been growing in popularity more and more each year it seems. Why is that? Perhaps because, as detailed here, you can just kick back and have fun. Read more
AudiophileReview.com Blogger and music lover, Steven Stone, is going to summer camp at the Rocky Grass Academy. He will work on his musical chops which are the basis of his love for all things audiophile. Anybody that tells you audio comes before music has simply got it wrong. Read more
The new Mac OS update 10.7, known as Lion, will put your Mac computer at the latest and greatest offering from Apple. However, it will also mess up a lot of your music applications if you aren't careful. Read more
Sooloos received a rather important and exciting upgrade for audiophiles that use the system. Also of note is how the company went about delivering this news to its users and how it initiated the process. Read more

A Weekend with Spotify

Spotify is a music service that has been available in Europe for some time but is just now making its way to the United States. How does the service perform? Are there any interesting and unique features? Find out here. Read more

Orphaned Gear

An orphan is a sad thing, even when it is a piece of audiophile gear. What exactly is an orphaned piece of gear? Well, there is more than one answer to that as there are several kinds. Learn about the different kinds of orphans here. Read more
Fine Sounds continues to grow as it acquires another company to add to the growing empire. Before it was Wadia. Now, it is Sumiko. But what does this mean to you as a consumer. Read on to find out. Read more

Brooks Berdan RIP

Brooks Berdan was a pioneer in the industry. He impressed a great many people in all areas of the industry with his approach to things. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but you can still read about his legacy. Read more
There is an idea out there that 3D visuals are more engaging than 2D visuals. However, could this idea be applied to music? Would high resolution music be more engaging than standard definition music? Read more

Getting Shun-Mooked

There are some weird things that happen in the world of tweaking. Some seem nonsensical and they are. Others seem nonsensical and they work. This is one of those times where it works. Read more

On Listening

There is a fundamental question that comes up again and again in the life of an audiophile. That question is: Did I hear a difference? But what exactly does that question mean? Read more
HD Tracks just got a pretty good get for their library of music. Warner Music and HD Tracks are now partners in bringing audiophile music to the masses, which is great because Warner has a rather large and impressive library. Read more

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