May 2012 Archives

Fakes in Vintage Audio

Have you ever seen an intentionally forged or counterfit piece of collectable vintage audio gear? Steven Stone hasn't, but he's still looking... Read more
In automotive sales there's the expression, "There's an ass for every seat." The portable audio equivalent would be, "There's a bud for every ear." Here are five that Steven Stone has had personal in-gym experience with. Read more
For today's blast from the past we have three albums from 2003. The first was from a superb violinist, the second from a sublime vocalist, and the last from an innovative jazz mandolinist. Enjoy... Read more
So, you want a great-sounding audio system. Be prepared to ante up. Or plan on spending lots of time building your own... Read more

Open or Closed?

Do you have a preference in earphone types? Steven Stone does, and he explains why the two different styles of headphones have different bass presentations. Read more

New CD Reviews for 5-18-12

This weeks' new releases include a jazz album that combines trumpet with Kora, a pair of singer-songwriter projects, a folk trio and an acoustic duo. Enjoy... Read more

Talking With Giants

During his time as a journalist Steven Stone has met lots of people. Here are his reminiscences of four who made a lasting impression on him, and on the rest of the world. Read more

My Trip Back to College

When Steven Stone was invited to lecture to an engineering class he couldn't resist the opportunity to see what would happen when an audiophile writer talked about audio theory to a roomful of future engineers... Read more
Sherman, set the Wayback machine for 2002 - Steven Stone has three CD reviews of albums released during that year that you may have missed but shouldn't overlook... Read more

Headphones and Fit

Would you buy a "Bespoke" suit that happened to be three sizes too big? I hope not. So why would you think of purchasing a pair of headphones that don't fit right? Read more
What is flat frequency response? If you do all your listening through Hip-Hop media mogul-approved earphones you may never know... Read more

New CD Reviews for 5-4-12

This week's new releases include a killer solo guitar album, a driving bluegrass CD, some eclectic acoustic jazz, and Edie Brickell's latest... Read more
Computer audio is obviously the wave of the future. But for anyone who's grown up with disc-based audio it requires some adjustment and the learning curve can be steep at first. Steven Stone offers some tips for better and more consistent sonic results... Read more

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