December 2013 Archives

Meet The Mike Keneally

Mark Smotroff introduces a new (for him) voice that you may like... Read more
Steven Stone looks at whether the consumer is better served by an adversarial or cooperative review process... Read more
Paul Wilson wonders about whether high end audio gear can sell itself... Read more
Mark Smotroff takes you on a journey through Van Dyke Park's latest release... Read more
Roger Skoff finds a tweak that is unbelievable.... Read more
Steven Stone wishes you a happy holiday season... Read more
What better for Christmas eve day than an upbeat and positive review of an upbeat and positive album by Mark Smotroff... Read more

My (Now) Rock Solid Mini

Having Kernel Panics since upgrading to Apple's new Mavericks OS? Here's what solved Steven Stone's kernel panic problems... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at how his audio system has altered his musical tastes... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at a deluxe re-release of Van Morrison's most iconic work... Read more

Two down...

Roger Skoff looks at the fundamentals and issues involved characteristic impedance and impedance matching... Read more
As U.S. audiophiles have more access to Chinese-made gear, Steven Stone wonders if Chinese-sourced gear is as much of a bargain as it appears to be at first... Read more
Mark Smotroff finds something to light up his musical life, in Quad no less... Read more

Lost and Found

Ever lose anything? Steven Stone writes about his most recent experience with losing and finding a small, valuable, piece of gear... Read more

Building Her System

Paul Wilson looks at the process of putting in a new audio system when it's not just one person's living room... Read more
Hendrix, vinyl, recorded at the Miami Pop Festival, LIVE!!!! Produced by Eddie Kramer...Mark Smotroff thinks you deserve it... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at a past experience involving a telephone that seems to be making a comeback... Read more
It's award season. Steven Stone looks at what awards really mean... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at an album that may not be easy to find, but if you do find it, is certainly worth a good listen... Read more
Steven answers a question from a friend who wants to get a new stereo... Read more

A New Kid on the Block

Audiophile Review welcomes Paul Wilson as a new contributor. His first Blog serves as an introduction... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at the latest high resolution and surround rereleases of a Jethro Tull classic album... Read more

One Down...

Roger Skoff looks at the big "R" resistance in cables and why it may be the least important spec... Read more
Audiophile Review is three years old and after making it through the terrible twos intact, some new things are in the works for the near future... Read more
Mark Smotroff takes a look at some world music... Read more

Moving Furniture...

Today Steven Stone is on jury duty, but that didn't stop him from writing about one of the less glamorous parts of audiophile life... Read more

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