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Listening Report: Zappa & The Mothers 1971 Super Deluxe Editions (Part 3, The Boxed Set)

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Compact Disc, Digital, Shows, Streaming, Vinyl

Mark Smotroff completes his deep dive into an important era of Zappa’s band… ...

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Listening Report: Do You Need U2’s Achtung Baby On Vinyl?

Audiophile Music, Analog, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Digital, Streaming, Vinyl

Mark Smotroff re-considers a classic 90s era album with fresh ears… ...

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A Love Supreme Live In Seattle: John Coltrane’s Spiritual Jazz Classic Lifts Off

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Digital • One Comment

Mark Smotroff goes on a whirlwind musical experience…...

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Changüí: The Sound Of Guantánamo, A Super Deluxe Boxed Set For Super Deluxe Music

Audiophile Music, Analog, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Digital, High End Audio

Mark Smotroff finds existential joy from a new music he’s never heard before…

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Trying To Decide on a Streaming Service

Audiophile Music, Audiophile, Audiophile News, Digital • 9 Comments

Paul Wilson does a deep dive into which streaming service is best for him... ...

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Amazon HD and Me – Early Adopter’s Dilemma

Digital • 17 Comments

Steven Stone looks at how Amazon HD will affect his, and possibly your, listening patterns......

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Maybe It’s Finally Time to Say Goodbye to Your CD Transport

Audiophile, Digital • 39 Comments

Jerry Del Colliano looks back at the era of the CD…

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MQA on IOS – An Ultimate Solution or Another Stop-Gap Along the Road to Universal High Fidelity?

Digital • 7 Comments

Steven Stone greets MQA on IOS with less than open arms... ...

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Why would Anyone Buy a 20 Year Old CD Player (or DAC)?

Digital • 29 Comments

Steven Stone looks at the efficacy of purchasing a 20-year old digital device... ...

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A Comparison of SACD vs MQA In Physical Format

Digital • 28 Comments

Paul Wilson does some comparisons…

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Ready or Not, Qobuz Is Here, Almost…

Digital • 16 Comments

Paul Wilson reports on Qobuz - pricing, availability and a comparison to Tidal......

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Time to Revise the Definition of Mid-Fi for Modern-Day Audiophiles

Digital • 10 Comments

Steven Stone looks at what is and is not full fidelity......

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Not One Bit for Digital Audio…

Digital • 8 Comments

Dave Collins looks at some important aspects of sigma-delta conversion…

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Are Personal Portable Player’s Days Numbered?

Digital • 3 Comments

Steven Stone muses about whether portable players will still be around in five years......

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Are We About To Have Streaming Wars?

Digital • 13 Comments

Paul Wilson speculates about what will happen when Qobuz enters the US market......

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Digital Explained – “Too Many Notes”


David Collins delves into non-oversampled converters (NOS)…

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Digital And Analog “When Worlds Collide”

Digital • 5 Comments

Dave Collins clarifies some important digital concepts for audiophiles......

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