February 2014 Archives

Mark Smotroff thinks it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing. Here are three fine Ellington discs to check out... Read more
Roger Skoff reveals a surprising truth about why things cost what they do... Read more
Steven Stone shares his most-listened-to Internet Radio Sites... Read more
Mark Smotroff got an earful from a rabid record store clerk when returning a brand new but damaged LP and lived to tell the tale... Read more
Steven Stone remembers the first Sony Walkman... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at the connection between price and cost... Read more
Mark Smotroff takes a look at the latest from a rock icon... Read more

Three Down...?

Roger Skoff tempts the trolls with tales of capacitance... Read more
Steven Stone loads Suzy Bogguss' latest release into iTunes and gets a surprise... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at some fine new acoustic music from artists across generations... Read more

How Loud is Too Loud?

Louder is always better, right? Steven Stone thinks a better answer is, "Not always"... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at some Jazz, some classical, and some XRCDs... Read more
Mark Smotroff tunes in to some early 90s acoustic power pop from Jellyfish on vinyl Read more

Why is it like that?

Roger Skoff finds that in audio even some of the stuff that isn't all that strange is still strange... Read more
Steven Stone looks at Beats' new "Beats Music" streaming service... Read more
Mark Smotroff reviews a fine new archival live album from an early 70s progressive band named Flash... Read more

A Straight Wire With Gain

What Does a "straight wire with gain" really mean? Read more
Paul Wilson opens up a pair of young ears through education... Read more

Forgotten Folk

Mark Smotroff finds some new old releases... Read more
Roger Skoff doesn't think so - at least not for audiophiles! Read more
Steven Stone looks a couple of the main reasons why he hearts subwoofers... Read more
The Monkees' movie soundtrack trips the box set fantastic... Read more
Steven Stone went to the dentist recently. He didn't go unarmed... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at continuing education and audio... Read more

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