April 2014 Archives

Purposeful Murkiness

Steven Stone looks at the new HDTracks version of EmmyLou Harris' Wrecking Ball... Read more
Mark Smotroff finds legendary Velvet Underground Blu-ray dubiously awesome... Read more
Steven Stone wonders if there is a point when big becomes "too big"... Read more
Paul Wilson finds that some questions about audio are harder to answer than others... Read more
Mark Smotroff finds audiophile pop solace in rare SACDs by The Animals and Herman's Hermits Read more
Roger Skoff takes another look at the Technoids' most sacred cow Read more

Getting Ready For Axpona

Steven Stone reveals what he considers essential gear for Axpona... Read more
Mark Smotroff waxes ecstatic on why every music enthusiast should be happy about the ongoing success of Record Store Day... Read more

Recording Audiophiles

Steven Stone wonders why so few audiophiles make their own recordings... Read more
Paul Wilson looks at his favorite rock operas... Read more
Mark Smotroff grooves on the Pallas-pressed 180-gram LP of Beck's latest Read more

Get A Grip

Roger Skoff takes a look at platter mats and record clamps... Read more

Two HDTracks Winners

Steven Stone looks at two excellent and reasonably-priced new releases from HDTracks... Read more
Mark Smotroff makes musical amends and finally gets down with Stevie Ray Vaughan... Read more
Steven Stone looks at a documentary about the Boston music scene that he was a part of... Read more

A Tribute To Arthur Smith

Paul Wilson looks back on a guitar great... Read more
Mark Smotroff connects with Audience thanks to vinyl! Read more
Roger Skoff looks at spikes and Newton's third law of Physics... Read more
Steven Stone looks at the Sony HAP-Z1ES player after living with it for awhile... Read more
Mark Smotroff extends an audio-only Blu-ray wishlist to the industry for reissue of some lost 5.1 gems most missed back in the day... Read more
Do your neighbors complain about your rogue bass? Check out SVS's solution... Read more
Paul Wilson asks,"Do Audiophiles talk too much?..." Read more
Mark Smotroff sees a bright future for live concerts in 3D and in surround sound! Read more
Roger Skoff proposes the ultimate do-it-yourself test to prove that cables do sound different and it's all about the dialectric... Read more
According to a recent study ergonomics trumps sound quality when it comes to adding new listeners to streaming and subscription music services... Read more
Here's another way to enjoy the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest... Read more

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