October 2012 Archives

What is Good Bass?

We audiophiles use the term "good bass" a lot. But does the term have a concrete definition? Steven Stone thinks not... Read more
At RMAF many folks expressed concerns about the future of high end audio. Well, if you want to look at an industry with real troubles, check out vintage guitars... Read more

Three Great CDs from 2003

Riders In The Sky, Nashville Mandolin Ensemble, and Mindy Smith released great albums in 2003. Here's what Steven Stone wrote about them when they were new. Read more
This Thursday we have the second in Roger Skoff's thought provoking articles about cable and audio. Two words - damping factor... Read more
Some audiophiles can't wrap their heads around headphones while others use them almost exclusively. Steven Stone wonders if the usage gap has more to do with imaging than age. Read more

The New Non-Review Review

Steven Stone has been noticing an alarming (at least for him) trend lately on the Internet - the non-review review. What exactly in a non-review review? Let him explain it to you... Read more
This weeks' new releases include two LP/DVD packages from the Rolling Stones, two modern jazz albums, and one lonely singer/songwriter release... Read more

Why Better Cables?

Welcome to the first installment of Audiophile Review's new irregular thursday column "Industry Voices" where we'll host articles by high end insiders about audio. Roger Skoff leads off with a mind-blowing piece on cable... Read more
Occasionally something comes along that is so intriguing that even Steven Stone can't resist buying it blind... Read more
Is it possible that being an audiophile is good for your health? A recent study from Harvard points in that direction... Read more
When the first Bob Dylan SACDs came out in 2003 Steven Stone reviewed them. Here's what he thought... Read more

My RMAF Survival Kit

Packing for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest? Here's what Steven Stone is bringing with him to the show... Read more
There are almost as many designs for speaker stands as there are speakers. Is one particular style better than the others? Read more
This week's new releases include jazz from Opus 3 Records and Uli Geissendoerfer, modern folk from Lucy Kaplansky, americana from Darrell Scott and Tim O'Brien, and bluegrass from the Hillbenders. Read more
Everything we do requires energy from somewhere. But isn't the kind of energy used as important as the total amount? Read more

A B&W P5/P3 modification

Steven Stone isn't big into modifying audio gear, but here's an easily reversible mod even he can recommend. Read more

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