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There is a widely accepted notion that in a multi-channel system, all channels should have the same power. That is the best practice. But is that really the truth. How much power do your surrounds really require? Read more
Audiophilia is definitely a niche market. But why is that? Is it because the hobby can be a very expensive endeavor? Or maybe it is because the technology can be overly complicated? But does it have to be? Read more
Mirage has created the OMD-5 speaker, which is a compact loudspeaker that could very well be the be all end all as far as a desktop speaker is concerned. Continue reading to find out why. Read more
AIX and 2L are two companies that offer high-definition music. Six releases, three from each, are examined in this article which is the first article in a new series of high-resolution music reviews. Read more
When Steven Stone found out he would be able to listen to performances from the 2011 Telluride Festival streaming over the internet in real-time, he was excited. Then he tried it and his excitement faded quickly. Read more

How Safe is Your iPod?

iPods are so commonplace now it is sometimes easy to forget that these are expensive and delicate pieces of equipment that need to be protected. Learn how Steven Stone learned this the hard way. Read more

Oh Really, Moments

Everyone has these moments. Moments when someone says something that triggers you. For Steven Stone, there is a very specific trigger that seems to happen quite often at audiophile gatherings. Read more

It's All About Value

As technology evolves and becomes commonplace and is replaced by new technology, the question of value is continually readdressed. But as Steven Stone explains, there is more than just a technological reason to question the value of a component. Read more
If you are a user of HD Tracks, and a great many audiophiles are, you will most certainly appreciate another download site: Festival Link, which provides recordings of live music. Read more about the details of the service here. Read more
Like bass? Who doesn't? I'll tell you who - your poor neighbor downstairs. Sure you can always turn down or turn off your subwoofer between say 7:00 PM to 6:59 PM, or you can try "floating" your subwoofer. Before you start visualizing a subwoofer hanging from wires from the ceiling, stop. I have a better way. The goal is to set up a subwoofer so it doesn't transfer energy into the floor or walls. We can do this by placing it on a platform that will decouple it from the floor. Auralex Acoustics makes something they call the SubDude HD. Or you can DIY it if you have the right kind of foam. That white soft crushable stuff isn't going to work. What you need it the high-density closed cell... Read more
Apple's iCloud has received a lot of press, as has the iMatch music matching service that will be offered for the company's new service. However, you may not like the insults that seem to be implied by the iMatch service. Read more

iCloud or iFog?

Apple's iCloud seemed like it could have been a revolution in the audiophile world, which it may yet still become, but, in its current iteration, it is painfully and sadly lackluster and disappointing. Read more
There are more and more Hi-Fi shows that spring up every year in varying degrees of scope, from the Consumer Electronics Show to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. But what purpose do the different kinds of shows serve and when is enough enough? Read more
Since almost everyone has an iPod, almost everyone has a pair of headphones that they listen to music with. Using this assumption, it is events like CAN JAMs, discussed here, that can made these headphone users into audiophiles. Read more

Music Matters at Listen Up

Audiophiles aren't born out of an appreciation for clean sound. They are born out of an appreciation for music. That is why events like this Music Matters event at Listen Up are important. Read more

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