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Who doesn't love big speakers? Big speakers means big sound. But there are definitely things to take into account when picking up a pair of towering loudspeakers. Here are five of them. Read more
Andrew Robinson sits down with Todd Eichenbaum for an exclusive interview. Todd has worked for Krell for twenty years, currently serving as the Director of Engineering for the company. Read more
One thing that people crave from the companies that manufacture their products is good customer service. It provides a level of security to customers to know they can turn to the company for help. The audio world is no different. Read more

Lexicon Does it Again

Lexicon was at the center of controversy not too long ago and with the move they just pulled with company's MC-12 HD B pre/pro, they could once again find themselves in a bit of hot water. Read more
The life of the reviewer is pretty cool. Listening to excellent gear for free is never a bad thing. However, it can be a complicated thing. Andrew Robinson details some of the drawbacks to the review process. Read more
John Barnes, owner of Denver's Audio Unlimited, called me the other day with some exciting news; He had bought and sold 26 pieces of Cello equipment in less than a week. It had all come from one source, and was sold to a single buyer. And, yes, the buyer was overseas. The story began, as most do, with a phone call. The house manager of a large home south of Denver was looking to sell "some audio stuff" as part of his duties of cleaning out part of the estate that hadn't been used in nine years. Since John doesn't usually buy and sell used equipment, his first impulse was to say, "Sorry, I don't buy used audio equipment." But when the house manager mentioned "Cello" and "over twenty different... Read more
Andrew Robinson visits Brooks Berdan Ltd. and discovers far more than an audiophile dealer. He found a veritable museum with some of the most landmark pieces in audiophile history. Read more
Jerry Del Colliano, publisher of Home Theater Review, Audiophile Review's parent site, sat down with Karen Sumner, the head of Transparent Audio, for a conversation about the company and its philosophies towards audiophilia. Read more
CDs have been disappearing more and more as the music industry becomes more and more of a digital entity. Sony's recent actions certainly did nothing to help stop or even slow this trend. Read more
Everyone has that one special product. One they have an unconditional love for. This is the story of how Andrew Robinson journeyed far from home to rescue that special product and got more that he bargained for. Read more
Classe is aware of the current face of the audio industry. So in a smart move the company has released a product that addresses that very nicely. Meet the Classe CP-800. You are sure to be impressed. Read more
Music may be becoming more and more of a digital medium, but it is interesting to see that computers are seemingly becoming more and more like the old tweaky audiophile components of yore. Read more
Tubes are hard to find in general. Good tubes are even harder to track down. Andrew Robinson offers up a few places on the internet that can help feed those audiophile tube urges. Read more
Audiophilia is a hobby that spans years and years. There is always that piece of gear that got you hooked and the first system you managed to put together on your own. Do you remember what that first stereo system was? It was a struggle, but Steven Stone does. Read more
There are amplifiers that pack lots of power to drive a system. Then there are single ended triode systems that turn tiny amounts of power into quality Ohms to power systems like this system Andrew Robinson assembled. Read more
Linn was a leader in the audiophile industry when vinyl was the source of choice. They continue to be a relevant company in the contemporary industry, but is their philosophy still relevant? Read more
Steven Stone responds to an article that wonders what happened to the audiophile. According to this rebuttal, that question is the wrong question to be asking when addressing modern audiophilia. Read more
Cables can be a tricky thing for a lot of audiophiles to wrap their heads around, especially when they cost a pretty penny. Andrew Robinson presents five cable ideas that will help out your system. Read more
Cello had a unique philosophy as high end audiophile company. They operated differently than traditional brands and it worked. It worked very well. This is an exploration as to why it did. Read more
Music lovers are people that like to support music and the artists that produce it, some may even harbor the idea of being a patron. With the new website Kickstarter, anyone can be a patron. And it is cheap and easy! Read more

The Rise of In-Wall Loudspeakers

In-wall speakers used to be a joke, sacrilegious even. But with several companies making the advancements to the in-wall loudspeaker design, not only are they viable, they are rather impressive in their sound. Read more
Apple has changed the audio world over and over again. Some would argue for the worse. But at CES 2011, many companies famous for audiophile gear turned to Apple to be the source for their show systems. Read more
Acoustic treatments are a bit of a mystery for some, which is a shame as they are so important to the sound of a room. Andrew Robinson helps out by revealing five treatments many use that aren't doing them any good. Read more
Sony wants to help everyone embrace the idea of 7.1 sound with their new line of receivers that offer all the bells and whistles of modern AV technology but a price that is a rather incredible bargain. Read more
Steven Stone conducted an interview with David Salz of WireWorld. David Salz answers questions about the nature of wire and cable and how it is that he came to do what he does at WireWorld. Read more

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