April 2013 Archives

Mark Smotroff looks at Bowie's latest on CD, Vinyl, and Download... Read more
Which is better - Spade lugs, banana plugs, or bare wire for speaker connections? Read more

New CDs for 4-26-13

Steven Stone's picks for new releases you should know about includes some fine Jazz, Bluegrass, Americana, and Roots albums. Read more
Roger Skoff delves into what you can and can't find out from swapping components... Read more
How much can an earphone's headband effect their overall sound? Read more
Mark Smotroff gets soulful with Otis Redding and Solomon Burke on vinyl Read more

HD Tracks and iTunes

Are you a Mac/iTunes user? Have you been avoiding HDtracks? It's time to take another look... Read more
Kevin Poore weighs in on Dixie Whitley's latest... Read more
Roger Skoff looks at the problem of isolating the sound of a single component in the signal chain. Read more

The Writing on Apple's Wall

Steven Stone is watching and waiting for Apple's other shoe to drop... Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at an artist who has not yet received her due recognition... Read more
What would you buy if you had a fixed amount to spend on a new system? Steven Stone gives you his picks. Read more
Mark Smotroff looks at the Flaming Lips on vinyl... Read more

Amplifiers Don't Amplify!

Roger Skoff explains why amplifiers might not work the way you think they do. Read more
Steven Stone looks at the implications of a recent court decision... Read more
Mark Smotroff listens to the alternatives and finds the one he likes the best... Read more
Steven Stone has a simple answer to this question - never... Read more

New CD Releases for 4-5-13

Steven Stone looks at six new releases from artists you know, such as Albert King, and some you don't, including The Nadas and Ian McFeron. Read more

The High End is a Ramjet

Roger Skoff looks at the high-end audio pricing and finds price escalation as an essential part of the business. Read more
Steven Stone looks at a very special audio shop Read more

Devo - Live in 2012 and 1978

Are we not Devo? Mark Smotroff springs forward with a look at Devo Live... Read more
Andy Singer's new retailing plan takes wings... Read more

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