September 2012 Archives

For this Friday's reviews of CDs that you may have missed first time around, we have three selections that should be in any acoustic music fan's library from Martin Simpson, Janis Ian and Kane's River... Read more

iTunes and Hi-Rez

I read recently on a Blog that will remain nameless that iTunes doesn't support higher resolution files. How wrong is that? Let me count the ways... Read more
It's obvious to everyone in the high-performance audio biz that we need more new customers. Here's one way to bring in new eyes and ears... Read more
New Releases for this week include jazz from Mickey Freeman, bluegrass from Ricky Skaggs and Town Mountain, and roots Americana from Jimmy LaFave and Kathy Matea. Read more

Speaker Stands and Pricing

How much should a speaker stand cost? The answer can vary from "not much," to "surely, you jest." And it can make or break a speaker sale... Read more
Back in 1908 when Ford introduced the Model T a lot of blacksmiths saw the writing on the road and became auto mechanics. Perhaps music instructors will need to make a similar adjustment. Read more
2003 was a great year for acoustic and roots music. Rodney Crowell, Del McCoury, Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez, all in one month! Read more
Steven Stone takes a trip down memory lane as he racks his brain to remember the speakers he's owned.... Read more

What Format Do You Rip In?

There's FLAC, WAV, AIFF, ALAC, MP3, and of course a dixie cup and a string...The dixie cup might be the most universal format... Read more

New CD Releases for 9-7-12

This week's new, fresh, CD releases include several from fine singer-songwriters along with a super jazz guitar album. Even the cover art is good!... Read more


What in this world is future-proof? Digital products rarely qualify, but some audiophiles continue to purchase DACs that will be long obsolete before the first spec of corrosion appears... Read more
If you like old jazz, You'll enjoy an opportunity to enjoy some gems from of R. Crumb's 78 collection. Read more

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