June 2012 Archives

This week's new releases include CDs from dobro-master Jerry Douglas, singer-songwriter Mindy Smith, and the New-Mexico-based group, The Hard Road Trio. A Blu-Ray from jazz guitar legend Lee Ritenour, joins a live concert Blu-ray from Bachman & Turner to complete this week's roster of fine new releases. Read more


Does the sound of an audio component change from when it's new? Many listeners, including Steven Stone have found that "break-in" is as real as it gets... Read more

Dangerous Curves

Steven Stone looks at two headphone frequency response charts. Based on the charts alone which one would you choose? Read more
This week's trip into the past includes reviews of an anthology of John Hiatt songs, the first solo album by Jake Amerding, and a Lynn Morris Band album that's available on HD Tracks... Read more
Do you "trust" your music files? Steven Stone only trusts his as far as he can back it up. British consumers are also leery of not having a physical copies of their music around... Read more
Older audiophiles have a tendency to wax poetic about "the good old days" of audio. My question is simple - When were they, exactly? Read more
Fresh from some of our greatest musical minds, this weeks' new releases include fusion jazz from Mike Stern, live rock and roll from the Raconteurs, and folk from Mary Chapin Carpenter... Read more

Headphones and Pistachios

How many pairs of headphones do you own? Steven Stone has so many that if he put on a clean shirt and a different pair of headphones each day, he'd probably run out of shirts first. How about you? Read more
Jerry Del Colliano muses on the relevance of "audiophile approved" demo music verses the music that people actually listen to... Read more

Three CDs from 2003

Here are three CDs from 2003 that you may have missed from Willie Nelson, Matt Flinner, and Jeff Black. They deserve a second look... Read more

Audio and Civility

Sometimes you have to wonder about people. Why do so many of us feel compelled to be hostile towards other people with different opinions? Read more
Ever write something, publish it, and wish you hadn't? Here are some leads to articles that were, fortunately, never published... Read more

New CD Reviews for 6-1-12

It's new music Friday again! Fresh releases from blues legend Albert King, bluegrass master Larry Stephenson, Nickel Creek Alumnus Sara Watkins, folk duo Elenowen, and slide guitar specialist Sonny Landreth are among this week's new recordings... Read more

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