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From Audiophile to Audiophile Dealer

It’s a great thing when someone can turn their passion into their business. It makes for a better experience for everyone involved. Greg Burns managed to do just that by bringing the audiophile gear he is passionate about into his store to share with his customers.

Audiophile_to_Dealer_Tweeters.jpgWe’ve all seen this ad on television, you know the one with the 40-something-year old man sitting atop a nice, but not too nice, motorcycle in his perfectly appointed garage, spinning a yarn about how he once worked in a cubicle but then got his degree at some tech school and is now working for himself having turned his once beloved hobby, in this case motorcycles, into a career. You know that ad. Ever watch that ad and think to yourself, yeah right?

Or do you watch the ad and think, hell yeah?

Audiophile_to_Dealer_Stacks_of_Speakers.jpgThe reason I bring it up is because I assume if you’re reading this post, then you fancy yourself an audiophile, which just so happens to be a hobby and a passion shared by many. Just ask Greg Burns, founder of Home Audio Sound, LLC in Brighton, Colorado. You see, for years Greg has fancied himself an audiophile too, and not just one of those general audiophiles but a connoisseur – a connoisseur of all things JBL. Greg’s love affair with JBL began back in the disco era when Greg worked as a pro system installer whereby he would help set up large speaker systems for concert and/or public venues. It was that experience that led him to collect JBL products over the years, both professional and consumer grade, until he amassed arguably one of the largest, single brand and single owner loudspeaker collections I’ve ever seen (or heard of). Sure, Greg had his favorites when it came to electronics, mainly McIntosh, but his heart never strayed far from JBL, which is why, when it came time to decide which brands to carry and ultimately sell to his customers, he went with what he knew – JBL.

Audiophile_to_Dealer_Project_Everest.jpgIf you’re at all a fan of Harman and their family of products and live in or around the greater Denver, Colorado area, then you owe it to yourself to book an appointment and check out Home Audio Sound, LLC. Come for a tour of audiophile history but stay for a demo, the likes of which you’ll rarely get the chance to experience for Greg has two sound rooms featuring the mighty JBL Everest loudspeakers – one room for stereo, the other for multi-channel. That’s right, Home Audio Sound, LLC has a full multi-channel Everest setup powered by Mark Levinson’s new 500 Series amps and controlled via a Mark Levinson No 502 AV preamp. In the two-channel room you’ll find a pair of Everests once again, this time being powered by a pair of Mark Levinson’s flagship No 53 monaural amplifiers and controlled via a Mark Levinson No 326S with a No 512 SACD player as the source. But if the Everests aren’t your cup of tea, which is crazy talk if you ask me, then you can also try out a pair of Revel Salon2s or any of Greg’s vintage speaker offerings. But you have to make an appointment, for Home Audio Sound, LLC doesn’t accept walk-ins.

Audiophile_to_Dealer_Wall.jpgJust be sure to tell Greg I sent you.

Home Audio Sound, LLC
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