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No, The Sky Won’t Fall

Dead Man Walking? We know that CDs are in their death throes, but what will be the “official” date that CDs join El-cassettes and eight-track tapes on the scrapheap of of obsolete technologies. Someone thinks they know…


An article in Side-Line Music Magazine Site predicts that major labels will cease CD production by the end of 2012. This is both “big news” and “no news.”

On the “no news” front we all knew, even the guys spinning vinyl, that CDs were going away. The only question of import was, “When?” Well now we have a possible answer.

But, lets assume for a moment there’s no time-slip, moving to a download-only model is the major’s equivalent of holding a up the white flag, yelling “no mas!” and rolling onto their backs with their four paws up. They really believe their back catalog will keep them afloat? News Flash – most enthusiasts already have enough versions of whatever they’re into. Already. Sorry.

And just because “the majors” will cease CD releases, what makes you think all the indies and touring bands will follow suit? I don’t expect that one day I’ll wake up and CDs will be GONE. It’ll be a gradual reduction of the flow from gusher to trickle. Especially enthusiast labels with smaller unit sales will continue to offer CDs long after Lady Gaga has gone all-download.

And what does it all mean? For me it means I’ll soon need a wider data pipe to suck in all the music that’s going to be available only via the Internet. 

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