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I’m Off to Summer Camp – See Ya in a Couple a Days

AudiophileReview.com Blogger and music lover, Steven Stone, is going to summer camp at the Rocky Grass Academy. He will work on his musical chops which are the basis of his love for all things audiophile. Anybody that tells you audio comes before music has simply got it wrong.

camp1.jpgTomorrow around 6:45 am I’m going to get into my car with my
Gibson F-5 mandolin, Panasonic Lumix G3 camera, Zoom H-3 recorder, notebooks,
folding music stand, packed lunch, three bottles of iced tea, four energy bars,
and assorted spare batteries, cables, Q-tips,  and SPF-60 suntan lotion, and head off to the
Rocky Grass Academy for four days of music-making.

This will be my 10th RGA. In past academies I’ve
studied mandolin with Chris Thile, Mike Marshall, Ronnie McCoury, John Reichman,
Matt Flinner, and John Moore, but this year I’m studying songwriting with Tim
O’Brien. While well outside my comfort zone, I expect I’ll write a couple of
bad songs and think as little about audio as possible (which is hard.)

During the next week I encourage you to peruse some of the
sub-categories at the top of the AudiophileReview.Com. My Blogs go back to as
far as December 2010, and except for myself, I seriously doubt anyone else has
read them all.

And if I’m a bit slow responding to your comments, it’s because
I’m off dodging thunderstorms and sun-rays while making music… 

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