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Brooks Berdan RIP

Brooks Berdan was a pioneer in the industry. He impressed a great many people in all areas of the industry with his approach to things. Sadly, he is no longer with us, but you can still read about his legacy.

AR-brooks.jpgI’m sorry to report that Brooks Berdan passed away due to complications from Crohn’s disease. As of this morning, no formal funeral or memorial plans have been announced.

Although I never met Mr. Berdan, I knew of him through his reputation as one of the pioneers in the high-end retail. Home Theater Review’s editor, Andrew Robinson visited his establishment and wrote a blog bout his experience.

Richard Lugo wrote an excellent piece about Brooks in Laverne Magazine in 2009 that captures the spirit of the man and his amazing venue (I hesitate to call it a store because it was so much more).

And for some pictures of Brooks’ remarkable collection of vintage gear take a look at Ed Nixon’s fine photographic essay.

Here’s the link to Brooks Berdan’s official website.  Take a look around. You may not see the likes of Brooks’ establishment again…

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