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RMAF – Band Camp for Audiophiles

The RMAF or Rockey Mountain Audio Fest has been growing in popularity more and more each year it seems. Why is that? Perhaps because, as detailed here, you can just kick back and have fun.

AR-band1.jpgThis week, while I was at the Rockygrass Academy, My publisher Jerry Del Colliano accused me of attending “band camp.” Although he intended it as a dig, it got me wondering, “Is there a “band camp” for audiophiles?” The answer is yes. It’s called the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

While Rockygrass Academy is an outdoor event, complete with tents, rain, heat, and due to an uncharacteristically wet spring and summer, entire squadrons of mosquitos complete with their own fight songs, Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is an indoor affair. Some well-heeled audiophiles used to five-star accommodations might consider the Marriott and nearby Hilton Garden Inn the functional equivalent of roughing it – so perhaps the two events are more similar than different. Both have superstars, pecking orders, and ample opportunities to stay up late with friends doing stuff that might be frowned upon at home.

Just before I went to Rockygrass Academy I attended a Colorado Audio Society cookout/swap meet/planning meeting for RMAF. The swap meet was personally disappointing in that no one lusted after my Adcom 535 amplifier. Philistines. But I learned during RMAF’s show director Marjorie Baumert’s status report that although the festival may not have quite as many rooms as last year, it will still be the largest and most wide-ranging consumer audio show on the North American continent. Seminars and entertainment are still in the planning stages, and I promised not to leak any premature details, but attendees can look forward to the most ambitious and wide-ranging seminar series to date.

Reports from the two fairly recent local California audio shows were full of glowing descriptions of how much fun they were. Well, audio cowpokes, if you want to see what a real what it’s like to ride a full size horse instead of a pony, pack your saddles and bridles and wear your fancy boots on the airplane ride to Denver. We grow our audio shows big and bodacious in the Mile High City. And you need to be here for RMAF.

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