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The Absolute Sound Takes On Audiogon.com In AV Classified Market

The Absolute Sound’s parent company, Absolute Multimedia, has stepped into the ring with Audiogon to compete for online audiophile resellers’ attention. Absolute Multimedia’s new website is SoundOffers.com.

SoundOffers.gifThe parent company of The Absolute Sound (Absolute Multimedia) has the gloves off with its latest move and their opponent is the almighty Audiogon.com. Audiogon is the leading audiophile community for buying and selling high end components. Just days ago, TAS launched SoundOffers.com) to compete directly with the industry leader. EBay has listings for more mainstream equipment but Audiogon historically has captured the true enthusiast reseller market. SoundOffers aims to take some of that business away.
The SoundOffers.com site is nicely built and simple to use. I was able to set up an account in less than 30 seconds with the only real hurdle being clicking a link in an email (beware the email going to your spam filter), which arrived within seconds. 
In its early goings there aren’t anywhere near as many user posts as your will find on Audiogon.com but that’s to be expected. Some dealers are posting ads and there are “featured” types of sellers like you see on Ebay.com. A quick look at the tube preamp and floorstanding speaker section showed that the site was suitably populated and poised for growth. 
Pricing starts at $3 for a 30 day listing with one image. A photo upgrade is $2 more. Becoming a Featured Listing is another $5. There are seemingly no commissions or additional fees the way Audiogon.com has started to charge. For large ticket items – this could be a big advantage of this site over the competition. If you are selling your Wilson Audio Sasha WPs – even a small percentage can eat away at your profit and/or investment.
I posted my Panasonic Professional 50 inch 1080i plasma there. I know it’s not an audiophile product but it’s all I have to sell right now. They posted the ad without collecting money. I will gladly pay for the ad when asked. Not sure how that part works. Time will tell.
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