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The Grammys – Another Year, Another Show…

Steven Stone looks at why he watches the Grammys, every year, no matter what…

AR-grammys.jpgI always look forward to the Grammys, although after each show I do spend some time wondering why. This year’s Grammys was in equal terms buoyant and depressing.

The depressing part was that, no matter how good someone may be during their prime, there’s a time and place to say, “enough” and hang it up. While I don’t want to single anyone out, but pop music has always been for the young, to help drown out the voices already jousting inside their heads. Sir Paul, Ringo, Kris, Willie, Merle, Madonna, and Stevie; your sell-by dates have expired. Please, please go into producing, not performing…when you were on your game, no one, including the freshly-proclaimed , “New Carter Family” of JZ and Beyonce, could touch you, but now, well, now you are well within their reach. Stop. Now. Please.

AR-gram3a.jpgBut as always, the Grammys also deliver hope for the future of music. John Legend, Kasey Musgrave, Lorde, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Sara Bareilles, and Daft Punk all turned in excellent performances. There were even a couple of moments for guitar geeks – I was fascinated by Keith Urban’s TWO pick-up custom-shop Fender Stratocaster and Kacey Musgrave’s little “Trigger” wannna-be was awfully cute.

In the end, the best way to look at the Grammys is that it’s a big musical buffet cooked up by a committee of chefs. Some of the dishes are exquisite surprises while other dishes look far better than they actually taste. And every year there are a few dishes that are so badly seasoned that they should have never made it to your plate.

AR-gram4ba.jpgAfter the show was over I went to HDTracks and bought a 88/24 download of Daft Punk’ Random Access Memories, and Lorde’s Pure Heroine then jumped over to Amazon to buy a copy of Kacey Musgrave’s Same Trailer Different Park. The buffet is over, now it’s time to sit down, put on some self-selected music, and have a real musical meal…

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