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A New Audio Store Opens in Boulder, Colorado

Steven Stone looks at a very special audio shop


With audio shops disappearing faster than the lines on a
well-shaken etch-a-sketch, it’s refreshing to see a new audio shop opening. And
when that shop happens to be in your own hometown, it’s time for a loud and
hopefully, well-noticed call out.

Crescendo Fine Audio opened a week ago in Boulder, CO. Located
in a mall, next to a very fine Ethiopian restaurant. The small shop specializes
in analog, both LP and tape. When I visited Crescendo I saw a VPI Traveler and
a fully functional Pioneer RT-707 reel-to-reel tape recorder among the go-to
source components.

Currently Crescendo features gear from Naim, DynAudio, Tannoy, Audio Research, VPI, Wadia, Project, Sonos, Marantz, Denon, and Kimber Kable. Josh Raderman,
one of the co-owners, told me that Crescendo had already sold more than a ½
dozen VPI Traveler turntables even before they had officially opened for
business because they were one of the only dealers west of the Mississippi who
had any in stock.


Crescendo also has a nice headphone listening area that features
Grado Headphones. One of Crescendo’s other specialties is a selection of
collectable LPs for sale culled from Josh Raderman’s extensive personal record collection.
According to Crescendo’s website, Raderman, “is a serious record collector as well, and
has amassed one if the finest collections of pre 1960′s classical
performances as well as countless obscure titles that will
surely intrigue the most seasoned listener.”

Before opening Crescendo Fine Audio with his partner, Matt Alterman, Raderman was a sales and installation specialist at the venerable
Denver audio store, Listen-up. He was one of the first people I knew of who
could re-program a Logitech Squeezebox so it would integrate seamlessly into a
legacy audio system. Although Crescendo plans to specialize in analog,
Raderman’s background in computer and wireless audio means that the shop is
more than just a retro focus. They even have the latest DynAudio Xeo 3 wireless
bookshelf speaker system on prominent display.


Besides their regular store hours, Crescendo has an ambitious
series of evening events planned, including vinyl “listening parties,” record
swaps, and even seminars featuring Boulder’s nationally-recognized mastering and recording
engineers as well as members of the international audio press.

If you live in or plan to visit in the Boulder-Denver area, a
trip to Crescendo Fine Audio should give you a reason to smile.

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