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New Releases for 1-25-13

This weeks crop of new music comes from Kris Kristofferson, Carrie Rodriquez, Larry Hoffman, The Blue Cactus Choir, and Tim Mahoney. And, yes, it’s all good…


Kris Kristofferson – Feeling Mortal

Genre: Roots, Singer-Songwriter, and Country

Although he’s not dead yet, Kris Kristofferson has been spending his a lot of time thinking about the end of the road. With the help of producer Don Was, and a first-class back-up band that includes Sarah Watkins, Matt Rollins, and Greg Leisz, Kristofferson unveils ten newly penned odes to eternity. Sure his voice sounds old, but Kristofferson would be the first to admit, he IS old. Wise, though…

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 8



Carrie Rodriquez – Give Me All You Got

Genre: Roots, Singer-Songwriter, and Country

For her fifth solo release, Carrie Rodriquez moves more toward the mainstream while still embracing her Texas roots. Her strong vocals and hot fiddle playing are augmented by her infectious original songwriting. Longtime collaborator Chip Taylor joins producer Lee Townsend to create backing arrangements that highlight Rodriquez’ unique combination of songwriting and performing chops. Easily her most accessible album, it should bring her rare talents to a wider audience.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 8



Larry Hoffman – Contemporary American Music

Genre: Classical

Classical music has a long history of incorporating current popular music – think Dvorak’s “New World Symphony” or Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue.” Larry Hoffman has chosen that uniquely American idiom, “The Blues” for inspiration in his latest compositions. His “String Quartet #1” leans heavily on the pentatonic scale for is primary theme, as does “Blues for Harp,” Blues Suite for Violoncello,” and “Color for Trumpet and Percussion.” Beautifully recorded, if you like blues and classical music, you should give this a listen.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 9


AR-catus moon.jpg

Blue Cactus Choir – Once in a Bluegrass Moon

Genre: Bluegrass, Folk,

The Blue Cactus Choir, a collaboration between Bay-Area singer-songwriters Marty Atkinson and Katy Boyd, creates a rich musical landscape that sounds both fresh and intimately familiar. With help from players including Fats Kaplan on steel guitar and Justin Moses on fiddle, banjo, and mandolin, the 21 original tunes here are all well-crafted and full of seductive harmonies and catchy hooks. More folk-pop than bluegrass, this album should appeal to anyone who appreciates top-flight modern folk music.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 8, Sonically – 8



Tim Mahoney Band – Shine Through

Genre: Rock, Pop

Tim Mahoney’s keening tenor reminds me of Tim Finn’s vocals from the seminal New Zealand punk/power-pop band, The Split Endz. But instead of punk, Tim Mahoney’s music has more of an evolutionary power-pop lilt. Fans of the TV show “The Voice” may recognize Mahoney from season 1, when he was coached by Adam Levine, but Mahoney’s style is more nuanced with far more depth than a majority of the musical cannon fodder usually found there. Recorded live-to-tape in only three days, Shine Through has a vibrancy and immediacy not found on most pop releases.

Rating (0- 10): Overall – 9, Sonically – 8

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