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Ultimate Support MS-80B Stands Don’t Rock (That’s a Good Thing)

If you’re still stuffing layers of newspapers under one end of your speakers to tip them up, you should read this…


The day I found out that Ultimate Support would no longer be making photographic gear, but instead concentrating on audio and studio products was a sad day at Steven Stone Photography. I used an assortment of Ultimate Support’s products in my photography business and loved their reliability and ergonomic elegance. I still have several pieces of Ultimate Support photographic paraphernalia.

But that was quite a few years ago and Ultimate Support’s continued growth indicates that they probably made the right business decision when they decided to specialize on audio gear. And one of Ultimate Support’s pro audio products that I’ve found especially useful is their MS-80 desktop studio monitor stand (MSRP $229, Street $130 – $150).

Basically the MS-80B is a nice thick chunk of specially shaped sound absorbent material on top of a two-piece hinged carbon-plastic sandwich that has a worm-gear mechanism to raise and lower one side of sandwich. A turning knob in the front (or back, depending on how you set it up) changes the angle of the top of the stand. If you check out the MS-80B’s product description on Ultimate Support’s site, you’ll notice that in all the pictures the stand is being used to cant speakers downwards. On my desktop I use the MS-80B to cant speakers upwards. Well actually not upwards, but with the MS-80B and the “Levels” App on my iPhone, I was able to get the pair of ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers set up on top of 5″ thick high-density foam stands so they were perfectly level.


I suspect that most desktop users would also use the MS-80B stands to raise the angle of speakers on their desktops so they will be directed upwards, rather than downwards. But the nice thing about the MS-80B is that you can use it either way – to angle a pair of speakers upwards or downwards, making it a very useful addition to anyone’s desktop set-up, especially someone like me who uses a variety of speakers.

So if you’re looking for a better way to dial-in the speaker angle on your desktop audio system, I heartily recommend Ultimate Support’s MS-80B desktop speaker stand. 

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